[kl-bogel] University of Washington, WA, USA (28 photos)

In the post I will tell you a little about the University of Washington, which as you already understood to be in Washington:)

2. In fact, the day started with a visit to the monument to one fairly well-known figure:)

3. Little historical information about the bronze works of Slovak sculptor.

4. And here we are on campus ... the first picture was false, so to speak. On it, if my memory serves me, is depicted campus. The most interesting - a historical building of the University!

5. Walking through the winding streets of well-groomed, frequent white crocuses! Delicate aroma and silence allowed to plunge into the atmosphere of knowledge.

6. The university itself was founded in 1861 (and we have banned the serfdom in this year). Founded the University in support of the administration in Washington.

7. I remember as a student of the MAI, we often pyanstvovali in a hostel on the street. Vilis Lacis. Dorm my home university, unfortunately, does not compare with this ...

8. The monument, according to the plate, the germ of the Washington elm!

9. Each building has a plaque with a description.

10. The number of students of this university is about 40 000 people!

11. I can not believe that there has students ...

12. Everywhere is clean, neat ...

13. Manicured lawns, benches ...

14. For information: University of budget per year is more than 3 billion dollars! Not surprisingly, he is the biggest on the West Coast!

15. Flower size of this miracle magnolia was almost a head!

16. As of 2008 eight graduates of the University of Washington were awarded the Nobel Prize. In the academic ranking of universities in the world it occupies 16 th place (2008). In 1961, the university has earned an experimental nuclear reactor.

17. Weather, as always, did not want to please us.

18. Sometimes the sun were showing among the dense veil of clouds, but did it quickly and poorly: (For this track, we headed to Red Square. Actually, its surroundings and the buildings are grouped.

19. Walking across campus, we talked with his wife. That is if you take the average student. Where he will learn better and where there will be more motivated? The institute with all the horse-radish or so now? The conclusion was unequivocal. In this.

20. It seems to me that if between the pairs out to the lawn, turn off the brain, or just eat a sandwich in the shade of a tree, flipping through a volume of books on philosophy ... learning is not so difficult!

21. Architecture of the buildings has been sustained in the same style, I believe, but each building had its own architectural delights.

22. I do not know what it's called, but it looks very nice!

23. This neo-Gothic library Sutstsalo.

24. My first thought was: "Why, it's Gogol!.

25. At university the Art Gallery. Henry and the Museum of Natural History. Burke.

26. As always, someone will run:)

27. Construction of new buildings is supported by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, whose parents taught at the university.

28. This sunset greeted us in a parking lot near a supermarket.


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