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Space Shuttle «Endeavour» was the last of the shuttles that are included in NASA's fleet. It was built to replace the space shuttle «Challenger», which exploded shortly after launch in 1986. The initial purpose of the mission STS-49 was repaired telecommunications satellite «Intelsat VI». What is the history of the shuttle, Read All News

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1. Special delivery. This photo shows the space shuttle «Endeavour» on a specially modified Boeing 747 March 2, 1991 before the ferry flight from Palmdeyl, California, where the shuttle «Endeavour» was built at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

2. The first takeoff. Space Shuttle «Endeavour» takes off from the launching device 39B belonging to NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, May 7, 1992, going on his first mission. Space Shuttle «Endeavour» was the first shuttle launched in its first flight with the help of starter 39B

3. Keep your companion! Astronauts make up the crew of space shuttle «Endeavour»: Richard Hieb, Thomas Akers and Pierre Thuot in telecommunications satellite «Intelsat VI», weighing 4.5 tons after repairs 13 May 1992. The satellite failed to rise above low-Earth orbit, where it was launched in 1990. During the first mission of space shuttle «Endeavour», the astronauts got to the satellite, they tied him to a new upper stage and restart it for the intended geosynchronous orbit. This mission marked the first time at the same time finding three people with one spacecraft in outer space.

4. Science in space. Astronauts Space Shuttle «Endeavour» Jen Davis, left, and May Jamison preparing to use the device to study the use of negative pressure on the lower half of the body on Sept. 15, 1992. Research was the primary objective of the mission «Spacelab-J», known as the "mission STS-47". The crew of shuttle became the first African-American astronaut (May Jamison) and the only married couple ever to come out together in the cosmos (Jan Davis and Mark Lee)

5. Maintenance of the Hubble Space Telescope. Astronauts, members of the crew of space shuttle «Endeavour» participated in the mission of maintenance Hubble Space Telescope in December 1993. In this picture, astronauts Story Musgrave and Jeffrey Hoffman in space. Beneath them is visible to the western coastline of Australia. As a result of the mission, which proved highly successful, Hubble Space Telescope received a new mirror to replace the previous one, which proved to be defective, which significantly affected the sharpness of the images.

6. Construction of the station. Astronaut crew of space shuttle «Endeavour» Jim Newman keeps for docking module of the international space station after he began work on connecting the cables, 7 December 1998. Mission STS-88 mission was the first building the space station.

7. Errors and shuttle «Endeavour». Space Shuttle «Endeavour» to launch the device at Kennedy Space Center in Florida July 11, 2007. The poster misspelled the name of the shuttle in its American variant spelling. Space shuttle gets its name in honor of the ship belonging to the fleet of Her Majesty the Queen, which in the years 1768-1771 made his first trip by Captain James Cook. Hence the name of the shuttle should be written according to the British spelling rules.

8. Astronauts at work. During mission STS-118 August 11, 2007, astronauts Rick Mastrachchio and Canadian Dave Williams priladili new segment to the farm of the International Space Station, and moved the radiator assembly.

9. Group portrait. Crew members of mission STS-118 space shuttle «Endeavour» posing for an official portrait of August 8, 2007. Left to right: Rick Mastrachchior, Barbara Morgan, the pilot, Charles Hubal, the mission commander Scott Kelly, Tracy Caldwell, Canadian astronaut Dave Williams and Alvin Drew. During the flight, Morgan became the first teacher in space, which went into orbit. In 1986, she was a backup for Christa McAuliffe, a teacher from New Hampshire, who died in the explosion «Challenger».

10. Luxurious look. Astronaut Space Shuttle «Endeavour» Rick Mastrachchio moves communications equipment on the international space station April 15, 2007.

11. Hole in the casing. Photography holes in the casing of the lower part of the space shuttle «Endeavour» was made on Aug. 12, 2007 with the help of special equipment, robotic hand-arm and telescopic boom with a camera. Made from very close range, please ensure that the hole is not dangerous for the space shuttle and crew.

12. Eye of the hurricane. Crew members of space shuttle «Endeavour» took pictures of the eye of hurricane over Caribbean 18 Aug. 2007. Mission STS-118 ended on Aug. 21, a day earlier than originally planned, to avoid possible complications due to the hurricane. Forecasters warned that just in time for the planned landing of a hurricane can pass over Houston. Fortunately, this did not happen.

13. Everything is under control. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin is watching the space shuttle takeoff «Endeavour» from the control center at Kennedy Space Center on Nov. 14, 2008. Mission STS-126 delivered to the international space station for the spare bedroom and a second kitchen and bath.

14. Repair work on the launch platform. Workers spend repairs external fuel tank for space shuttle «Endeavour» at Kennedy Space Center June 14, 2009. Was leaking hydrogen fuel, which led to delay launch of mission STS-127. The main purpose of the mission was to deliver the last part of segments of the Japanese Kibo laboratory aboard the International Space Station.

15. Lightning. Giant lightning struck the launching pad of the space shuttle «Endeavour» July 10, 2010. Technical problems and adverse weather conditions led to the fact that the launch of space mission STS-127 was transferred five times.

16. Finally taking off! Space Shuttle «Endeavour» takes off from a launch platform 39A of the Kennedy Space Center July 15, 2009. This is the sixth attempt to launch space mission STS-127.

17. Picture before parting. Picture of the space shuttle «Endeavour», made from the International Space Station shortly after the departure of the shuttle 28 July 2009. In the foreground is seen space ship Soyuz.

18. Shuttle at dusk. Silhouette of the Space Shuttle «Endeavour» during its approach to the international space station on Feb. 9, 2010. The main objectives of the space mission STS-130 was the delivery of equipment.

19. Crosscheck. Astronaut George Castle, the commander of mission STS-130 space shuttle «Endeavour», peeping from the window of a research module of the International Space Station on Feb. 19, 2010. From the window opens the most comprehensive view of the Earth underneath it.

20. Tank. External fuel tank for the last space shuttle mission «Endeavour», STS-134, is transported to a hangar for assembly of the aircraft at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, July 14, 2010. The main objectives of the space mission STS-134 is the delivery of the alpha magnetic spectrometer is a $ 2 billion.

21. View from above. The procedure for fixing the external tanks for fuel and solid rocket boosters of space shuttle «Endeavour» in the hangar for the assembly of the aircraft at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, March 1, 2011.

22. Dawn. Photographers gather to take a picture of the space shuttle «Endeavour» shortly after his arrival at the launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, March 11, 2011.

23. Annals of history. Poster NASA on space shuttle «Endeavour» and its missions in the past twenty years. The figure shuttle goes into orbit in small circles around - a list of his missions. The ship fleet of Her Majesty the Queen of England, in whose honor the shuttle gets its name engraved at the bottom right. Above left are photos of shuttle from different angles. In the background view of the nebula NGC 602, photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope servicing crew which made the shuttle «Endeavour» in 1993.

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