[kl-bogel] Open season rally classic cars (41 photos)

In Moscow on April 23 kicked off the rally at the 8th season of classic cars, organized by the Russian club classic cars (WPRA), supported by the Russian Automobile Federation. The event opens a whole series of gleaming chrome, smelling of old and petroleum events which by tradition will last until the end of September. Vintage cars more than once will drive through the streets of Moscow region and other cities, causing a surprise on the faces of passers-by and other road users. Well, we'll try them to observe and record.

Despite the fact that not a very long time, I regularly visit the various auto shows, such dynamic events as long as it passed. It is necessary to make up for it, I thought, and went on to "Auto-spotting". Standing in the halls or on the grounds it was good old-timers, but even better to see them in motion. Yes, they are not only piece of furniture from which blow away the dust and are transported by a tow truck - they go! And seeing as the old Chevrolet Corvette 60s suddenly starts briskly away from traffic lights to White Castle, make sure that they do not just ride, but still able to set the heat! Ever wanted to say thank you odiemus, without which the shooting cars in motion on the route is unlikely to be held as to steer and shoot at the same time without special equipment is very difficult, but familiar to owners of cars rarities I unfortunately did not manage to acquire.

This time, participants check in an amount of 65 crews until 1979 model year, started with Vasilevsky descent, and finished in the City. The meaning of competition is to go through certain checkpoints on the route, for certain periods of time, observing the rules of the road, and wins in several different categories. Much depends on the knowledge of and ability to navigate it. The theme of the route have bridges and tunnels of Moscow. Participants traveled along the embankments, interchanges of Third Ring and through ancient and modern quarters of the city. By the way, we must express the organizers of Respect - they do not block the streets, as is done during some other event, and probably more so participants' travel on the unique cars on the streets of Moscow, accompanied only by positive emotions of pedestrians and drivers. Let's see how it happened.

01. Participants will start on Vasilevsky descent.

02. Each other.

03. At the start, the participants issued a description of the route, which is kept secret until the start.

04. Luxurious Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1959, which incidentally won in the category "best female crew, and took second place in the category of« Old Timer ».

05. GAZ-22 Volga heavenly flowers.

06. Rare Riley Brooklands in 1930, with a very positive crew.

07. Smart Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray 60s of last century.

08. Raspberry Opel.

09. On the tail of Opel car with a heavily rural journalists.

10. Another Chevrolet Corvette. That he then went to White Castle around the corner.

11. Impromptu pit stop.

12. At the next corner, caught up yet nimble Corvette!

13. Representative and racing Tatra-603, 1968.

14. Positive Riley Brooklands, which, as I understood it fizzled out: he saw how it was loaded on the tow truck in the middle, and at the finish has not been noticed.

15. Very positive.

16. Caught 22yu Volga. Us the way it was more difficult - we, unlike the participants were only a few major points of the route, so we often get lost.

17. And here is unusual for its time Cord 812 SC, 1937.

18. Seen as many of its exhibitions, but the move is another matter.

19. Caddilac Eldorado. 1969.

20. Chevrole Corvette Sting Ray. Seeing these cars at intersections TTC could easily imagine that this is some Interstate, and the court of 60s.

21. Elegant Rolls Royce.

22. Behind the same elegant as the front:).

23. Mr. Bean is also involved in the races: the classic Mini Cooper

24. Checkpoint!

25. Mercedes-Benz 190 SL. 50s years.

26. Moskvich-400.

27. Member, too, was not quite enough.

28. Another checkpoint.

29. Finally the finish line. And at the finish of the ubiquitous NTVshniki.

30. Participants at the finish line.

31. Austin Healey 3000 MK2.

32. Participant.

33. Another Caddilac Eldorado 1959.

34. Mercedes-Benz 300.

35. Oh, and again the female crew!

36. Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

37. Studebaker Golden Hawk.

38. Smart Corvette also arrived.

39. Another Corvette. Only this shot reminds me GTA 4? :)

40. 21ya Volga and its owner.

And enough for today. I still have a decent amount of shots taken in the parking lot at the finish, with some machines are removed from different perspectives and in detail, and I find it difficult to decide how to best lay out: either to select the best and posting one post, or periodically to post on a series of several one frame a car, something about her talking? And here's another possible first handful of all, and then, for example, devote some of their individual positions, showing in more detail. Here's how you interesting?


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