[kl-bogel] Gambar orang orang china dulu dulu..

Photo of China began the 20th century. The main source - Forum www.popularasians.com / forum / showthread.php
The man put these pictures did previously, and their special treatment, so they seem quite yourself today.
All photos I made clickable, as tired as usual, to reduce them ....
A woman from Hong Kong.

Wrestlers. North China.

Babes indulge ..

Swallowers of swords.

Porters bales of tea tribe Laden.Provintsiya Sichuan. 1908. Weight per bale of 300 pounds, that is about 130 kg.

Gates in Beijing.

Captured Boxer - members of the famous boxing vosstatiya (1901)

Old Taoist.

And thou shalt be like a real Manchurian "

Expensive perfume Tombs of the Ming Dynasty with stone figures of animals and humans.

The figure of the general. Ming Tombs - the road spirits.

The Great Wall, shot in 1907. This photo is especially for those idiots, koi believe that the Great Wall of Mao Zedong-built, but before she allegedly was not, and photos of her there, and pictures ... I am very often online, and Learn, in particular, is seen opinion even among people with higher education seem to be ...

Manchu court ladies.

Han girl, you should pay attention to their little feet ...

Leg of woman after years of strain, problems caused by tight bandaging feet.

Musician from Hong Kong (1901).

The streets of Canton.

Chinese junk.

Wang Chung - the last empress of China.

Chinese torture. As we know the Chinese big "executioner" affairs of the master. Under this theme, a post can be done separately - to torture people they could always ...

"Tibetan princess."

Yet it must be fat and narrow shoulders. Women should have or wear or carry such legs is a sign of high social status.

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