[Mcm2Ada] Terrariums, florariumy, gardens in bottles (80 photos)

The method of growing plants in closed containers was extremely fashionable in the mid 19th century. When, in Victorian drawing rooms of the terrariums were grown delicate ferns and many other water-loving plants, and writer-gardener C. Hibberd zealously promoted the idea of ​​growing plants between glasses specially converted for this purposes of the window - he called this design bortus fenestralis.

Cultivation of plants in closed glass containers originated from the so-called "Uordovskih boxes." Box Ward ("Wardian case") - a direct precursor of modern florariumov, was invented by Dr. Nathaniel Ward Begsho (1791-1868) in 1829. And it inspired the creation of an accidental discovery. Dr. Ward was a passion for botany. Ferns in his London garden in Vellklouz Square, began to wither because of bad air pollution in London, which consisted largely of coal smoke and sulfuric acid. In bottles, where Dr. Ward held the cocoons of moths and the like, fern spores germinated and continued to successfully grow in a small amount of soil. He asked the wizard to build a wooden glazed case, in which spores germinated and placed very soon found that the ferns have grown well.

Of course, the Englishman found and the practical application of his discovery: using "Uordovskih boxes" exotic plants were transported by sea to the continent, without fear of loss. Well, then the fashion for small personal greenhouse spread.

Flowers in pots on the windowsill - it already yesterday. In their place in the interior landscaping of apartments and offices came to the gardens in a terrarium, aquarium, tank, bonsai, winter gardens ... Now, even eliminated the need to build walls to separate areas into zones - the role of partitioning performs vertical gardening.

Everyone who saw this little world of flora, which is formed in a closed space with constant humidity, temperature and light, perfect microcosm for heating the premises, want to make myself the same miracle.
Well, it's real. All that is needed - this fishbowl for goldfish, or the usual rectangular aquarium, a large bottle or just a large glass salad bowl. The vessel must be transparent walls and a narrow neck or opening, which can be closed with a piece of glass or transparent plastic. Options are many to choose according to your taste.

Room garden

In a decorative container can be diluted with a garden of flowers. It is placed either on a stand or on a table. This garden is appropriate to keep on the windowsill or to create a unique atmosphere set in the living room. It can be large or small - it all depends on the imagination and ambition fitodizaynera.
It is important that all elements of the composition as well combined with the container and the interior.
Most plants grow best in the indoor garden, than in separate pots, thus creating high humidity and their roots are better protected from temperature extremes.

Pot-et-fleur or flowering pot

This is essentially a small garden, in which are planted some ornamental houseplants. When you create an arrangement between the plants in pots or peat put glass or metal tube filled with water, which is placed in cut flowers. Thus, a constantly changing colorful composition. Life on a green background will be very attractive to look like garden and wild flowers.

Terrarium (or florarium in the Russian version)

A container made of glass or transparent plastic, inside of which are planted plants, called the terrarium. Access to fresh air it is limited - the capacity to cover the transparent material - so that it protected the plants from drafts and dry air. So you can put in the cage tender plants that are difficult to grow in the room.
Selection of plants depends on where the container is worth. Away from the light well developed ferns and other plants Shade. The window well grow orchids and other plants that need direct sunlight and humid air.

Jungle aquarium

Garden in a glass container with a removable lid - this is an aquarium garden. He issued the same terrarium: the bottom layer is poured pebbles and charcoal on top - layer of sand and earth with a minimum thickness of two centimeters. Embankment soil, we can also arrange hills and valleys, using small and large stones. A tree in the aquarium compositions are not applicable, since in conditions of high humidity will rot.
It is possible to grow exotic plants to create their own jungle. Well in the aquarium garden grow sweet ferns, arrowroot, kalateya, Caladium, Fittonia, kriptantus, selaginella and others, and of flowering plants - violet uzambarskaya and a small orchid.
Planted plants should be free so they do not interfere with each other. After landing, exit the aquarium glass and place on a well-lit place, but away from direct sunlight. Caring for such a garden is simple: to water the plants every few months.

Landscape garden

On the basis of an open cage, you can create a landscape composition. Landscape may be water, mountain or desert. For example, in a broad and low vase is placed a little lower as a reservoir vessel. In the distance a pile of medium-sized mound of angular stones. The space between the pond and the mountain is filled with sand, expanded clay, gravel, etc., on which small groups of plants are planted, pre-poured into the hole for planting fertile soil.
For this composition is best to choose plants with small root system: suitable cacti (very nice in the "stony desert" of medium-sized expanded clay), Sedum, eheveriya and rooting Tradescantia and begonias, ferns, young plants and asparagus.

Neboyaschiesya difficulties can arrange for a showcase window for light-loving plants

In this case, the inside of the window frame with an extra set of solid glass door. As a result, between the outer and inner glass door enclosure formed by a width equal to the width of the window sill. To maintain optimal conditions in a plant terrarium to provide fans, fluorescent lights, water pump, heater and shading. Usually, such structures are building together with the construction of the house.
The width of the base windows of 50-80 cm, is placed at the bottom of pan, covered with small stones, set the pots, and the space between them is filled with moisture capacity material (peat or moss).

Potted landscapes can change over time, especially easy to do so, dropping into a pond various cut flowers and leaves without stalks, freely floating on the surface. The greatest effect can be achieved by using instead of the reservoir indoor fountain, but then the plants should be extremely hydrophilic.

For the device in a bottle garden is important that:
- Do not take the flowering plants: they look pretty long, and as soon as ottsvetut immediately be removed. Often you can not open a bottle - and the whole system operates under the condition that the neck firmly and permanently closed.
- The bottle must be sufficiently narrow so that you can plug up, but it is so broad as to be able to work inside the bottle.
- To arrange a garden in a bottle, it is your responsibility to invent a few tools:
a) an elongated handle with a spoon instead of scoop;
b) a reel of thread, to strengthen the plants in the ground;
a) sticks to keep the plant;
d) a piece of sponge on the wire for glass cleaning from inside;
e) a sharp blade to trim the shoots.
- With the help of a funnel of thick paper into the bottle poured material for drainage and land.
- To avoid rot, make drainage gravel, clay pellets or expanded clay and powdered charcoal, a layer 3? 6 cm
- Top layer to expand pre-moistened substrate: a mixture of land for flowers and peat in equal parts. The content of nutrients in the soil must be very small.
- Try first place instead of a paper plant about the same size in order to think about composition. Tall plants should be placed behind a little in the foreground.
- Each well should be done separately: a teaspoon to dig deeper into the earth, plant a plant and then take on the next hole.
- Pre-selected plants for the garden is removed from the pots.
- Large clumps of earth should be cut off from part of the roots, and then the green areas will slowly increase in size.
- Remove from the pot plants, holding two sticks, placed in a pre-prepared hole.
- First, put the plants closer to the vessel walls, and then those that will grow in the middle.
- Once you put on the bottom of the bottle all the small tropical plants that have compacted soil and using a small atomizer spray them.
- The inner walls of the bottle easy to clean gubochkoy on a strong, flexible wire.

Tightly corked jar and putting a bright but not sunny place, you will enjoy many months of "a garden in a bottle." From time to time to aerate it and, if the plants too have grown, their crop.

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