[Mcm2Ada] The first of September in the Sri Lankan school

At this time we'll learn about how children learn in Ceylon. On the island is dominated by free public education, only about 10 000 schools, which enrolled a total of 3.8 million children, the number of teachers exceeds 200 thousand

In the school system in Sri Lanka is divided into three levels according to age criteria: primary school (from 4-5 years old), the average younger, middle school and senior College (18). The classes are called "grade." Compulsory education in the country - from 1st to 9th grade (14 years). Upon completion of three levels (up to and including upper secondary school) pupils sit first exams and on results from converted into Collegium - the fourth and final level of schooling.

(58 photos)

After training in the last 13m grade students pass the exam total, according to which receive an overall score, which subsequently is crucial in the University. Although the addition each applicant passes the oral exam profile in the university. From the words of the teachers who accompanied us, on average, 4-5 people out of a class act in college.

Welcome to Sigiria Central College.
This school is located in the small village of Sigiriya, near one of the attractions of the island. The school is relatively large and very modern by the standards of the country. It serves the area within a radius of about 7 km, and then taught children from remote villages that have only an elementary school.

School holidays in Sri Lanka: August and early September, a month in December, two weeks in April (New Year on the local calendar).

Begin classes at 8:00 am and continue until 14-15.00, after the main lessons are additional classes, electives ranging from high school. In each class of 35-40 children in elementary school to third grade one teacher. One lesson 45 minutes, no breaks usual. One 20 minute break for lunch, a snack in the day, that children bring with them. On the territory of the school there is no dining room or cafe.

In general, be a school teacher in Sri Lanka is very prestigious, teachers receive a salary considerably higher than the national average, especially felt in the province. Teacher's salary, which only came to work in a school of 150-180 dollars, the teacher's salary with 25ti year of experience - 350-450 dollars. The average wage in the country of 80-150 dollars.

Teachers also engage in teaching after school in the evening schools, universities and preparatory courses. There are also tutoring at home, the average cost 10ti lessons at home for up to 1.5 hours each is $ 25.

Favorite subjects: math, English, aesthetics - the complex of objects of art (music, drawing, dancing, etc.)

1. This is one of the primary school


3. A characteristic feature - all female teachers are necessarily a sari, it is the official national business women's clothing. In this case as a whole in a sari walking no more than 20% of women. Unlike India, for example, where the sari is almost all women.
After all, the sari - is amazing!












15. Children's drawings

16. And the homework on writing

17. All portfolios are stacked in the back of the class on special racks

18. So look school building






24. Each class is certainly worth a small statue of Buddha

25. And in a small chapel

26. School magazine

27. On the wall hangs in every classroom list of all students, if someone does not, then unscrew the picture on the wall. It is the responsibility a student is to hang your picture face every morning.

28. Schedule, in fact, the lessons are non-stop 20-minute single-break

29. Map and topography of the island in a very clear











40. School infographics




44. Library, which at the time of my visit was held tutoring for the last two school girls 13th grade at an additional object to prepare for taking the exam at the university profile.


46. And of course any student who lives on the equator, dreams of snow

47. The schedule of three physical education classes per week. Basically they are a sports game form. The most popular sports game in the country - cricket.


49. Outdoor activities

50. And one of the senior classes.

51. Classes are separated by only a wooden screen, so the room is a pretty impressive noise


53. At the entrance to school is a poster with the San clearance operation aimed at destroying mosquitoes, carriers of dengue fever


55. School head teacher Ruwan Bandara, who gave us a wonderful tour, for which he had special thanks

56. And finally, my favorite photo



In Sri Lanka, I visited two totally different schools. In the following I will discuss the reportage is very interesting, "the Japanese" school on the island of Ceylon and the implementation of specific Japanese educational system there.


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