[Mcm2Ada] The biggest prizes in the lottery (27 photos)..saya bakal menang tak lama dah...

Here is the selection about the people who are smiling fortune, because they thwart the jackpot in the lottery. Moreover, some of these lucky people have won multiple times.

1. Donald Driver Truck Damon at age 70 won a jackpot of $ 96.6 million U.S. dollars, as announced by the organizers of the Kansas Lottery November 13, 2009. "I almost fainted!" - Could barely find the right words, Donald. In the photograph he and his wife Caitlin show your receipt, standing in an office lottery. (Kansas Lottery)

2. Former correctional officer from Long Island, Henry Norris was expecting a pleasant surprise. He did not just win the lottery in October in New York, and did it alone, giving him the full benefit of $ 6 million. His wife, Eleanor, Henry (left) often dreamed of, which then put her husband. Norris took my check tenth of November in company with his wife Gretchen and Dayzer, an employee of "the New York Lottery." (New York Lottery)

3. When visiting her New York friends, Mi Hung Mun decided for the first time in my life to try his luck in the lottery. And fortune smiled at her - spent on the ticket dollar, returned to her jackpot of $ 5 million. "The truth is, I'm still in shock," - said in an interview with the winner of the «New York Post». (Courtesy New York Lottery)

4.Uilyam Steele tore the largest in the history of the Florida Lottery jackpot, winning a game of "Powerball" 189 million. In this image, William and his wife Frankie Summers Steele. Newly-born millionaire is not going to stop their medical practice (Steele - dermatologist) and a significant portion of the money will donate to charity. (Florida Lottery)

5. Born in the Bronx by Jimmy Gruvz lucky ticket «Mega Millions Quick Pick» became the owner of 168 million. When picking up his win in New York's Madison Square Garden, he demonstrated a great sense of humor, saying that his first purchase will be a hamburger. (New York Lottery)

Snow White at Disneyland 6.Rabotayuschaya Natalie, came from a fictional tale of a real - at 22, she won a $ 5.2 million. (Mathew Imaging / Courtesy of the California Lottery)

7.Solomon Jackson Jr. worked civil servants in Columbia, South Carolina. Resigning, he has won nearly 260 million. Photo taken on August 25 press conference, where the lucky winner keeps your check. Solomon prefers not to talk about his personal life and future plans, we know only that he was married. (Brett Flashnick, AP)

8. Happy Ticket, who brought nineteen Vacas Masaru million dollars, was purchased at an ordinary gas station. Vacas showed humility - saying that despite the win, his family will stay at home, where he continued to share a room with my brother and sisters. (David Pokress, New York Daily News)

9. Former Marine Kansai Edward Williams, the fall of 2008 was awarded 75 thousand dollars, but was not satisfied with it. In early August 2009, he won again in the lottery «Super Kansas Cash» 896 487 dollars. After deduction of all taxes Edward received a total of 627 541 dollars, which still has a great gift for his 48th birthday. (Kansas Lottery)

10. When the bill collector from New York, Aubrey Boyce bought unremarkable store for two dollars a ticket, he had no idea what will win the jackpot of $ 133 million dollars. (Susan Watts, New York Daily News)

11. James Bush, who lives in South Carolina, along with his friend by the name of Glynn Shelfer keeps winning coupon worth one million dollars. This is the third of his winnings in 50 years of life. The last winning ticket was purchased in the town of Port Orange, that in Florida. (Florida Lottery)

12. The couple, Brian and Joan of English Kasvell Macclesfield have won a prize in the amount of 24.9 million pounds (equivalent to 41 million dollars), having broken the jackpot in the lottery «EuroMillions Lottery». Mature couple plan to divide the winnings with her daughters and grandchildren. (Christopher Furlong, Getty Images)

13. In the late spring of 2009, Neal won Uolness 232.1 million dollars, which was only the ninth major win in the history of lotteries «Powerball». Neal, who recently turned 23, lives in the Mission, in South Dakota. Novospechenny millionaire said he will donate the money to needy people. (South Dakota Lottery)

14. Interesting fact: the modest grocery store in Halfmoon, New York, in the last six months has sold two tickets, holders of which have won a million dollars. In this image, Shirley Fleming - the last lucky, but next to her, Pamela Fitch, with pictures taken in January, at a time when Pamela won a million. (Michael P. Farrell, Times Union)

15. Lottery «Mega Millions» brought luck to the two Vice Marin County Sheriff's Office - thirty-one twenty-four, and Brian Cape Analysis Hansen. They were awarded $ 75 million. In this California couple has big plans - they are planning to visit Disneyland, as well as transfer of funds to the families of four recent deaths of police officers from Oakland. (Paul Sakuma, AP)

16. Mother of James Gray presented Taking into her son and his girlfriend Patricia is truly gorgeous gift. It was a lottery ticket on which they could win $ 200,000. (Kansas Lottery)

17. A resident of Richland (in Michigan), Jim Dancy has shown tremendous generosity, when disposed of their winnings in 10 thousand dollars received by the lottery «Club Keno». Jim (center), gave every cent of the charitable organization «Greater Kalamazoo United Way». In this picture is with the patron of this organization - on the left is Paul Spode, and the right, Mike Larson. (United Way)

18. Mother of many children of Nevada on behalf of Rachel Rennie Romanik luck on Easter Sunday - she could hardly believe his luck when she won at the casino as much as $ 33 million. (IGT)

19. Michael Green has always played the lottery, trying to win some money for retirement. Finally he made happy March 7 himself and his wife Linda, now they will receive for life a thousand dollars each week. (Duffie Taylor, The Roanoke Times))

20. Immediately ten employees of the insurance company in the town of Whitehouse Station (New Jersey), together won 216 million in lottery-known «Mega Million». Colleagues decided to make a cash prize and divide into 10 equal parts each. (Mike Derer, AP)

21. Welder from Toronto Dzhorme Hogbake predicted that one day he suddenly rich. And it happened - Dzhorma won 12.24 million dollars. (The Toronto Star / ZUMA Press)

22. Family Agbunag Jessica (center) arrived in Las Vegas, only to have to honor my grandmother, who loved to play at the casino. Jessica herself unexpectedly won a $ 2.4 million vending machines. In this photo the winner with his father Frank and to the hotel in Las Vegas. (California Hotel and Casino / Boyd Gaming)

23. The very first person from South Carolina to win the jackpot 35 million in lottery «Powerball», was working at a construction site, Jonathan Vargas, who is only 19 years old. It plans to buy a house for his mother and dismissal. (Erik Campos, The State / MCT)

24. In spring 2008, the family of Paul and Sue Rozeno Minnesota won the jackpot size of 180.1 million in the lottery «Powerball», that was the biggest win in the state in history. They chose the amount of $ 88 million and after deducting all the taxes were 59.6 million (Andy King, AP)

25. March 2008 was successful for eight colleagues from the Department of Revenue Service in the District of West Virginia Monongaliya - winning the lottery «Powerball» brought them 276.3 million. After deduction of taxes on women will receive $ 12 million each. (Bob Bird, AP)

26. In February 2008, Fortune made a gift to Robert and Tonya Harris of Portal (Ga.), who bought a winning lottery ticket «Mega Millions». Use as a winning number of birth dates of his grandchildren brought him as much as $ 270 million. (John Amis, AP)


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