[Mcm2Ada] 10 unusual facts about animals sex

When it seemed that animals have sex with that simple. But then, biologists have looked more closely to what's really going on.

10th place: The symbol of unsafe sex is the male praying mantis: Ideally, he jumps on the female's back, clinging tightly, mate and jumps. But should he slip, as it turns out to be within reach of the jaws and females could easily lose his head. Males are able to accurately assess the praying mantis female appetite: the most hungry females are the least popular.

9th place: In the same way behaves female black widow spider: the body was eaten mom dad is food for the children.

8th place: The male earwigs two penises, each of which exceeds the length of the earwig itself. These organs are very fragile and break easily, which is why the insect is born with a spare.

7th place: a species called "bean weevil," the female prefers to drink the sperm of the male than to fertilize their eggs by it.

6th place: The male octopus leaves his sexual organ in the body of the female. Then he grows a new one. And the "old" fishermen sometimes found in the bodies of females.

5th place: If the worm larva Mediterranean ehiury (Bonellia viridis) are attached to the body of an adult female of the same worm, the female selects a special ingredient - bonellin - which turns into a tiny larva male. Then, the male crawls into her mouth and migrates to the uterus. In the body of the female males become parasites, but fertilize her eggs.

4th place: female aphids can reproduce without entering into an intimate relationship, but once a year, still copulate with males. Why would they waste their time? It was found that aphids are needed infections, sexually transmitted infections, as many of these bacteria produce females favor.

3rd place: Turkeys can reproduce parthenogenesis, when an egg is connected to a by-product formation of eggs, but not with sperm. True, the mortality of the offspring is high.

2nd place: Some fish, "mushroom" corals and even the bees at a difficult moment of life change sex from male to female. Typically, this occurs during periods of bad warming.

1st place: rotifer class Bdelloidea there 80 million years old, do without sex. Scientist John Maynard Smith referred to this genus, which reproduces samoklonirovaniem, "the scandal of evolution." Rotifers - all amazing creatures. To escape from parasites, they allow the sun to dry their bodies, and wind - carry them to a new location. There, they saturate the water again and live without sex.

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