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In Nikitsky garden , this unique place the southern coast of Crimea where collected thousands of plant species from all climatic zones of the earth, there is a corner of the humid tropics and the equator. This orchid garden - a wonderful corner of the park, where you want to return again and again. At the next visit may be nothing new and can not see, but the power of these flowers is so strong that it leaves you a choice - there pulls like a magnet!

Did you know that orchids - the most numerous family of plant life on the planet? Many will be surprised, say, is not it, we have a flower in her eyes and did not see! Yet it is so. In our medium-Russian forests also grow orchids, we only know them by other names. Say Lyubka orchid is known more popularly as the rocket. It is often sold armfuls of her grandmother, not knowing that this is a unique plant that needs protection. Because it grows very slowly and with difficulty multiplies. The seeds are so small that the fingers can not keep, and require special treatment of germination, particularly in the soil microflora.

These plants are good to have places where people tend to frequent depressions, lose their incentive to life, spiritually empty. Filled with orchids through solar energy space does wonders to inspire people to live creative. In the house where there is an orchid, the atmosphere evokes the sun - joyful, bright thoughts and feelings. Flowers orchids stand out among other plants, the unsurpassed beauty and elegance of shapes, amazing colors and delicious flavors. In addition, they own an absolute record in the plant world. For example, some Phalaenopsis bloom continuously all year round, and flowers pafiopedilumov stored for 2-3 months!

Among the popular indoor orchids are many hybrids. During its short (on the scale of age of humanity) the story was derived orhideevodstva their hundreds. Hybrid forms are different from the "savages" by larger flowers, ease of cultivation, more abundant blooms, or conversely, smaller plants. A special group highlighted the so-called polyploid orchids. They have a set of chromosomes into two or more times higher than normal plants. These orchids are taken out into the laboratory by treating cells with special substances - mutagens.

The most screwed out of a mutagen colchicine, thanks to him and get biploidnye tetraploid plants. Polyploids has large flowers (two to three times higher than normal plants). Colchicine - a very poisonous substance accumulates in the body of a man who has to do with him. Sad fate of the first scientists to have polyploid Orchids: nature cruelly punished for their involvement in her "creative cuisine" - for his success, international fame, gold medals at the exhibitions, many breeders have to pay health and even their own lives.

The ancient Greeks there was a legend of the beautiful Venus, who dropped a shoe from heaven to earth. Shoe Goddess of love, falling to the ground, turned into a beautiful flower - a symbol of sexuality. Flower this - lady's slipper orchid. My dream is to find him in the Grand Canyon, but there is growing in the Crimea this orchid. I wanted to go there on weekends, but remember that its flowering occurs mainly in June and the month.

At all times, Orchid attributed magical properties of its petals, and seeds were prepared privorotnye potions. Orchids occupy a special position among other exotic flowers and are distinguished by their royal beauty and fragrance. Until recently, the Moluccas was the custom - the wife, daughter and sister of the king had the right to weave in their hair a certain type of orchid known as the "flower princess".

Fanciful flowers more than once gave rise to all sorts of speculation and fantasy. Recall a story by HG Wells about orchids, which were fed by careless travelers, or movie about a small flower shop of horrors. And many people still believe in the jungles of tropical rain forest prey live orchid flowers are so if you do not swallow people, small animals and insects)

In fact, the flowers of orchids are the only organs of reproduction, rather than supply. Their mission - to attract and retain pollinators, without causing harm. For example in South America masdevalii mossy lower lobe - lip is arranged so that he sat down on the insect for 20 minutes locked inside. During this time the insect pollinating a flower barahtayushayasya, after which the lip is opened and the prisoner released into the wild.

Orchids are very different. Smallest - bulbofillum of Borneo - looks like a tiny green balls, the biggest - Javanese grammatofillum - forms a bush up to 3 meters. Flower size varies from 1 mm to 18 cm in diameter. Most orchid flowers clustered in inflorescences - simple or branched brush. From 2 to 300 flowers! Their colorful range simply inexhaustible. Colouring the petals vary from white to pink, red, orange, brown and even black-purple. There are flowers, as if carved from marble or cast in wax, silky, sparkly, crystal ...

As are the orchid flowers and their fragrance is delicious. This lovely smell great healing wounds, calmed the anger, improves mood and directs a person wants to affirmative action and emotion. Assists in resolving contentious issues, promotes conflict resolution.

Another ancient Greek legend, throwing light on the origin of the name of a flower. One very long slender young man named Orhis kindled feelings of the divine Aphrodite. Day after day the young man burning with passion, but only a goddess made fun of him. But she was not typical for so long to feel enthusiastic young men and, struck by his persistence, she finally responded favorably. Do not believe it struck Fortunately, Orhis lost consciousness and died from an excess of emotion. In place of death, sad ordered to Aphrodite to grow beautiful flower, which would have immortalized his name. And so it happened: a rare beauty of the flower stalk was slim, leaving between the two rounded nodules.

But most probably, a beautiful story - the origin of orchids - was born in New Zealand. Maori tribes were convinced of their divine origin. Long ago, long before the people, the only visible parts of the land was snow-capped peaks of high mountains. From time to time the sun melts the snow, causing thereby the rapid flow of water down from the mountains, forming a magnificent waterfall. Those, in turn, swirling foam swept toward the seas and oceans, and then evaporates, formed the curly clouds. These clouds eventually completely obscure the view from the sun to the earth. Once the sun wanted to pierce this opaque veil. I went to a strong tropical rain. After him was a large rainbow, embracing the whole sky.

Admiring the unparalleled spectacle of immortal spirits - then the only inhabitants of the earth - have become fly to the rainbow with all of even the most remote edges. Everyone wanted to grab a spot on a colorful bridge. They jostled and quarreled. But then they were all seated on a rainbow and singing in unison. Little by little rainbow bend under their weight, until it finally crashed to the ground, scattering with a myriad number of small multi-colored sparks. Each piece of land with gratitude the fragments of the heavenly bridge. Those who were caught trees, orchids have become. Since then, and began a triumphal procession of orchids on the ground. Multi-colored lanterns became bigger and bigger, and has none dared to challenge the flower right orchid called the queen of the flower kingdom.

Orchids have won Europe is relatively recent. For a long time from the stories of sailors and travelers were aware that these flowers grow in tropical forests, the trees, but the first attempts to smuggle them across the ocean failed. Plants were dying in such numbers that England became known as "the tomb of orchids." The first live orchid has been sent to Britain from the Bahamas in 1793, then Captain Bligh brought back from the voyage 15 of flowering plants. Europe, they literally brought to mind, so that by the end of the eighteenth century, the Old World has experienced first orchidaceous boom. In the impenetrable forests of Africa and South America to gather collections of hundreds of expeditions fitted out, not behind them, and adventurers, loners. Many victims of fever and wild animals died from the bites of poisonous snakes. However, the number of hunters that did not decrease: they all knew that if successful could buy the whole state, so places to hide his findings, destroying the remaining plants, mining did not get to the competition.

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