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[kl-bogel] Of what and how do dumplings?

LJ user dedmaxopka wrote recently participated in a press tour at the production site of LLC "Plant semis" Siberian gourmet. " Production quite interesting, mobile, and I thought, compact. Under the cut all the production stages of a ravioli stuffing, to the packaging of the finished product and shipment to the warehouse. In addition to the dumplings showed production of pancakes, cutlets and khinkali, that too under the cut.

(49 photos)

1. In the words of CEO Sapuhin Maxim G.: "Our goal is not just talk about new equipment and modernization process in the enterprise. Our goal - to tell about the food industry in general, dispel myths narrow-minded, show the current process of manufacturing semi-finished products. "

After these words we put on white robes and marched into the shop.

2. Be sure to wash your hands before entering the production plant.
A bit about us:

"Siberian gourmet" takes the leading position from the Urals to the Far East in terms of selling products in various price categories. The volume of production - up to 80 tons of semi-daily, 25 000 tons per year.

Sales for the first 6 months of 2011 totaled 842 million rubles. Every day, over 100 000 people to buy semi-finished products of the company.

The company employs 1198 people. In 2010, the "Siberian gourmet" took 27th place in the ranking of employers in Russia, prepared by HeadHunter.

And now on the production:

Stages of production: control of all input raw materials, preparation and quality control tests and filling, shaping, forming an interim monitoring, freezing, frozen interim control, packaging and control of packaged products (selected few from the party packs and checked for compliance with quality standards).

3. The first point of our route - putting agrofleksov bectarnogo for storing flour. It contains the flour for the production, it is automatically screened. On line modeling Dominioni ravioli meal is fed by pipelines to other areas in special containers.

4. Line modeling Dominioni produces up to 25 tons per day. Through the pipeline on line fed flour, which is kneaded into a dough machine guns. The program listed a variety of automatic test recipes, keeping the operator monitors the ratio of ingredients.

5. Automatic truck handing out the dough on all machines. The dough is rolled in layers, cut billet, formed product (served filling machine and wrapped in dough).

6. The operator of this line regularly reviews products for the fullness of filling.

7. The finished product is sent to the tape in the camera spiral freezers. The temperature in the chambers -30 -32.

8. The line of handmade ravioli molding produces around 10 tonnes per day. In this line blank obtained automatically before lepschitsey appears already carved out a circle of dough with filling. Task to form a dumpling lepschitsy manually prolepit joint and connect the ends.

9. Dumplings made of hand-sculpting dough less dense and more succulent meat.
On this site the attention to sanitary regulations.

10. After the freezer product carefully sorted, shown in substandard in appearance, and compliant product is packed.


12. The next stage of the line - mulitigolovochny dispenser, which separates and dispenses products, they can be packed at once two types of products.

13. After packaging, products formed in the boxes on pallets and then quickly sent to temporary storage in cold stores. Used for packing food film company in Moscow, "Pimas". The finished product is a zero temperature in minutes. This is done to preserve the appearance and quality.

14. Packing tape to shrink .

15. The temperature in the workshops with 13

16. The whole process from the refrigerator before packing

17. Immediately next to make dumplings and burgers khinkali

18. The product comes in a freezer

19. Ground beef, used in khinkali

20. Patties.

21. Before loading, the stuffing into the machine for the production of meatballs.

22. Packer

23. Once the product is packaged, transported to its refrigeration and logistics terminal, which accommodates about 600-700 tons, the amount realized less than 2 weeks.

24. In the terminal, constant temperature minus 18 degrees. In the area there is a special shipment of the entrances to refrigerators, allowing to maintain a low temperature. The close proximity of the terminal and production facility, a comfortable temperature for frozen products (products shipped also at -18 ⁰ C) can maintain the quality of products.

25. Warehouse Pallet 3200 \ space
For many, the most interesting will be how to make stuffing for semis? I was also interesting is this whole stage, but in reality is nothing unusual, I do not see it. Dumplings made of real meat. I asked the question about plant soybeans - is added to it? I was told that soy is added solely at the stuffing that comes in cheap dumplings. All of the dumplings, which are more than 150 rubles, made from 100% real meat.

Ie if soy is a dumpling, but only in low-cost and savings for the consumer. Therefore all those who complain that there is no meat dumplings, is simply normal stingy to buy the product.


27. On the site deboning meat carcasses is cut the meat. Raw materials are purchased primarily from local producers and part of a European.

28. After separating the meat from the bones, it is sorted for the top, the first and second grade. For each product using a variety of beef and pork.

29. Acceptance of raw meat is in the presence of the State Veterinary Service (from the Veterinary Inspection) and technologist. If the meat does not meet the required degree of fatness, it is returned. Raw meat stored at low temperatures in special chambers. Raw meat on the technology must be kept at least 24 hours. This is done for the "maturation" of meat, in this period it becomes due flavor.


31. In the bricks are purchased frozen bacon European manufacturers. This is done as needed, as local producers of raw materials is not enough. This fat, as well as all raw materials, the subject of extensive laboratory monitoring.

32. Onions, which goes into mincemeat.

33. The next stage of cooking meat - mix the ingredients. Chopped at blokoreze up to 5 mm pour in raw meat mixers, where it is mixed with onions and spices. After vymeshivaniya mixers in mature beef in a special sterile room with a low temperature, which requires a recipe.

34. The company has a quality service, which monitors product quality at all stages of production. This service includes quality control department, whose task is to track the quality at all stages from raw material inputs to finished product.

For the control of incoming raw materials "Siberian foodie" has purchased a unique equipment beyond the Urals - the analyzer body fat. The cost of the equipment 5 million rubles, a manufacturer of Germany. Fat analyzer allows to determine the percentage of fat content with high accuracy, eliminating the human factor. This point is important because the fat content of meat raw materials largely determines the taste of the finished product, which seeks to standardize enterprise.

35. Also, a laboratory, where the laboratory testing of samples of raw materials and goods at all stages of production. For maximum control identified the stages of production, which may be changes in the quality of products. At these stages are sampled each batch of products for laboratory research.

36. All studies are recorded in a special electronic database.

37. Without the approval of the laboratory, raw materials and products in manufacturing is not used.
I propose to distract from dumplings, because the entire production process I have shown. Let's talk about pancakes :)

38. Pancake line Balpe - this French equipment. After kneading the dough is fed to the heated drum, where the ribbon pancake browns on both sides.

39. Infinite pancake!

40. Pancake feed moves through the pipeline and a special syringe, computer controlled, metered supplies stuffing. The number of fillings depends on its density, which is entered into the program and set up respectively of the line.

41. At the moment, filled with ham and cheese

42. Pancake feed is cut and fold lines, special devices spring rolls, manual labor in the process of cooking, stuffing and folding of pancakes does not apply. Irrigation pancakes with oil, too, is automatic. Sintering crust turns is the same as at home.

43. The line operates in the production of pancakes with a kind of production per day, after it is disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and only then begins cooking products with another type of filling

44. After cooking the pancakes are put on special carts collaborators in a sterile gloves and go into the camera with freezing temperature of minus 28 - 30 degrees for 1.5 hours.

45. And this is a finished product in a package

46. Plot baking pancakes "sun" - special pancakes of lush, soft dough with sweet fillings: cherry, strawberry, chocolate.

47. Pancakes baked by hand, round shape. Used for baking, French pancake machine - heated to the required temperature around the smooth surface. The power of this production area to 700 kg per day.

48. Pancakes are delicious, I personally appreciated :)

49. This concludes our tour came to an end. Finally picture company guards :)

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