[kl-bogel] The most creative packaging of the world (51 photos)

In this review, examples of the unique packaging design that looks original, which is really handy, and you do not want to throw away.

Design packages listed below is definitely unique in its kind. It makes want to get the product in spite of what is inside. This is the most creative and unusual packaging, the rest only at the level of concept or as successfully as embodied in reality.

Japanese bun

Note Headphones

Refined minimalism of designer Corinne Pant.
Honey Klein Constantia

Packaging is in the form of honey hive, revealing that the buyer sees a jar of honey, bees literally plastered.
Vodka Smirnoff Caipiroska

In order to emphasize and highlight a fruit component of vodka, a bottle wrapped in a designer label mimics the skin of fruit. Remove the label is like clean fruit from the skin.
Spaghetti, "New York"

The form of spaghetti repeats one of the symbols of the city - the Empire State Building.
Oil «Butter! Better! »

Disposable packing butter knife and a wooden "2 in 1" from the designer Yeongkeun.
Kitchen appliances Scanwood

Of wood. Designed by Goodmorning Technology.
Matches Blush

Incendiary sampling of the brand of underwear and Berlin BBDO.
Pork sausages "Porkinson"

Packaging designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie represents the English style and wealth.
Fruit jelly

Note the letter Q in the name of the product is made in the form of a cup with a spoon. Designer Marcel Buerkle.
Wine in plastic glasses

Google cud-boom

Under each muzzle - skeletik. Design jjaaakk design.
Juice Gloji

Packaging is done in the form of a hot light bulb, screw-cap which is closed.
Medication Nobilin

Opened fire on a heavy diet.

Disc Lithuanian musical group SHIDLAS, the album "Postmodern salami."
Oatmeal "Breakfast"

Packaging plays with the word breakfast, which decomposes to break - break and fast - fast. Packed mixture already contains the necessary amount of salt and sugar. Suffice it to open the container over boiling pot, and a quick breakfast is ready.
Gortz Shoes

Kleenex Wipes

A series of "Perfect slice of summer" has developed a senior designer at Kimberly-Clark-Jennifer Brock (Jennifer Brock) with the participation of an illustrator from Los Angeles Hiroko Sanders (Hiroko Sanders).
Tea tPod

With tags in the shape of the boat of your tea bag thread will not catch the bottom of the cup.
Truck Ford Ranger Extreme

The agency JWT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tea packaging is made as a closet in which hung on hangers and stylish tea shirts.
Energy drink "Bloody Energy Portion"

As the name was selected and energy package - a package of blood transfusion.
Sponge Kitchen

Stadium box Nike

Fruit juices

Naoto Fukasawa Japanese designer (Naoto Fukasawa) has created packages for juice in the style of 'Juice skin' (Peel fruit).

Masterfully wielding secrets typography, Canadian designers Julien De Repentigny and Gabriel Lefebvre introduced the concept of milk packaging, which would have envied even magicians.
"Anti" for lunch bags

Packaging for pharmaceuticals

Making process of tablets wish to call the designers who created the package Medi Flower Pot with flowers in which petals and kept those same pills.
Coconut milk

Royal Tea

In the German design studio developed the design of Donkey Products tea bags, paper c floats in the form of the royal family of England.
A stack of anti-smoking

Designer RJ Reynolds believes that such packaging may be an alternative labels on cigarette packs, "Smoking kills."
Washing Powder Spark

Packaging design studio Korean Aekyung.
Condoms, "No more sex"

Good humor and irony makes an attractive package for the target audience.
Wool yarn Rellana Wool

Rellana Wool is intended for manufacturing of scarves and hats. Yarn for heat.

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