[kl-bogel] Melawat melayu di filipina (28 photos)

Attention is invited to an angry public chilling reportage of this beautiful country. Rice Terraces, dzhipni, backyard basketball, uncompromising haircut and street thugs.

Brutal men relax after a hard day in the mountain village of Sagada. From this cozy place did not want to go, but travelers ruthless duty called me to come.

A woman admires her child in the ancient Spanish city of Vigan. It is best preserved in Asia, Spanish architecture. In Vigane I had an excellent hotel with a rosette, fan and Wi-FEMA, that still need to be happy? I'm just a little long for Europe, but here an unexpected bonus.

It's not gladiatorial chariot is traysikly. The Philippine version of how to convert a motorcycle on public transport. Each traysikl lovingly decorated by the owner and the tuning of pretentious labels such as No Fear, Las Vegas Express or Merciless.

Coaches with crows in Ryskov Vigane. This is not a tourist attraction, and public transportation in the city center. Which, incidentally, is listed by UNESCO. In general, the oldest preserved Vigane church in South-East Asia. Maybe that's true, but when someone cared for the preparation of tourist brochures?

What a time I did not ask "What are you filming?" So, this picture I took on Nastin Cannon 500d with lens Tamron 17-50, f2, 8. Feel the difference. I did not particularly feel it.

A serious man flatly refused to look into the lens. Taken 08/08/2011 at Sagada, Northern Luzon, Philippines, Asia.

Secret factory packaging heroin in the northern Philippines.

With regard to crime in the Philippines. In the Southeast Asian community bekpekerskom Philippines are fairly safe area. In Manila, it really feels.
In Banaue, we with my traveling companion Nastya met an elderly Dutch sex tourist Aaron, and he told us his sad story.
The Dutchman went to Manila in search of luxury charmer, and one after luring him. Invited to drink coffee, Aaron happily agreed. After coffee he wanted to sleep badly, and he woke up a week later with an empty bank accounts. Aaron week pumped drugs and drove in minivan on the island of Luzon North. Every day brought him to ATMs and withdraw money from the cards, since he was a limit on daily withdrawals. Money in the accounts was a lot, but no more nothing. Dutchman casually photographed on his own camera on the background of every attraction. Evidently, in order to create the illusion to others that this is Mr. White traveled with their Filipino friends. All of these events, he remembers very vague. A week later, Aaron found himself in Banaue, there came a little to himself, and made his way to Manila on the same bus with us. In Manila, for him to come to the hostel and police recorded the statements. It is doubtful that the police will find the criminals, the photographs they understandably do not.
That's the story, good that the Dutchman was still alive and sane.

Very cute children in all its crushing power.

I picked a lesson in Sagadskoy secondary school № 1. Studies conducted in English.
American films in Philippine cinema shown in the original language without subtitles. And no murmur.

Rice Terraces in Sagada.

Bontok collected rice is dried in the sun.

Men's haircut is unpretentious 49 Philippine pesos, that is, a dollar. I could not afford it.

Hard grandfather in traditional dress of ethnic minorities in Bontoke. He did not want to be photographed, so I took it quietly. Well, almost.

This dzhipni, enchanting public transport with unlimited capacity. Most adrenaline places - on the roof. As soon as we found out there that can go, since the roof does not get down. This method of movement of fine mood and improves circulation.

- Pass the toll, do not be shy! - So it seems, is spoken at home. I have completely forgotten the realities of Kiev, I see everything in a rosy light.

About combines here and do not dream. Harvest is gathered, transported and sorted by hand.

At the same time, Filipinos rarely lose heart. This nation has made me a very good impression. They have no ovoschizma inherent in Lao or Khmer. Filipinos are funny, audacious, self respect and good-naturedly, but without much hype are to travelers.

This is also a hidden survey.

This car is from a Bontoka Bunaue was to go at 11:30, but we had to wait for her departure and three hours of the day. In the beginning of the journey I would be very nervous, and now just tried to consciously hold some free time.
Only for a photo driver lowered his shirt. In the Philippines, popular way to escape from the heat. And the more a man's stomach, the more likely that he will turn up erotic jersey. In China, where I travel, too, some are doing it.

Young people learn to manage traysiklom.

Jumps on the cold streets of Banaue.

Basketball - the most popular game in the Philippines. Sneakers may not buy everything, so play barefoot or in flip-flops. Basketball courts, or at least one ring is in every village.
The first half of XX century, the Philippines was a colony of the United States, such as Puerto Rico or Hawaii. And here's the result. Good English in the general population - also a consequence of this bloody occupation.

Banaue rice terraces in the so-called eighth wonder of the world. They are 2,000 years old, listed by UNESCO.

Mother's helper.

Homemade wooden scooter - what more need bosote street?

Father cuts his eldest son, the youngest controls the process. In men, red lips for a popular tonic in Asian betel nut chewing. In the Philippines it is called the "moma".

Drying harvested rice. Actually I'm not strong in the technology of its production, so do not expect anything grand. It reminds me of Mark Twain's story "As I edited the agricultural newspaper."

Storming dzhipni, most places have got just a clever and tenacious. Timid and shy left out.

Chess battle of Manila city park.

A very, very big Footlong.


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