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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 9.

в Индии

At the station, we finally found Edfu and supervisors were vparivayut tickets for £ 100 and threatening to put off the train.

Well, welcome banal - pretended to understand nothing in English, pulled the time, and soon the train started, and jumped from the car controllers. We go further ...

We're going, and farmers are working very hard ...

The farther to the south - the colors are brighter, perhaps a love of bright colors dictated by the environment around, buying paint for the desert, sand hills, sometimes sparse vegetation.

I understand - this is the tomb poor people. Maybe wrong - correct.

As the color contrasts nicely with the surrounding sandstone.

Educational institution for girls - with this they have strict!

Normal rural school - boys and girls here already, along ..

But in the sun - at 50 the heat! but they are here in such attire.

At the next stop came already had three supervisors.
Once again playing for time and after many trades paid by 5 ten-Russian coins, without a ticket, and then even sfotalis one as a souvenir.
Total cost dear to us on 185 rubles. per person. This 16 hours of travel, more than 1,000 km.
It appears from these tourists, Egypt has long become a rich country:)

Sorry for the unfinished office, urgently need to be collected, after 2 hours come back for me and the car to the station.
Going to 10 days in Sheregesh, ride into the mountains to ski.
Come, go on about Egypt - much more interesting!

Visiting the Pharaohs ... or "plunderers of tombs," Part 9.

  • Jan. 2nd, 2011 at 5:21 PM
в Индии

Behind the bustle of Christmas, by the way, all with the past!
Suppose that in Istanbul we flew, but there is time to continue about Egypt.
On the laurels of Indiana Jones, we certainly do not claim, but after finally bought myself Lech hat, he was clearly smack on the character.

But first a few more pictures taken from a train on the way to Aswan.

The farther south, the heat becomes unbearable all, and we have water all over. And the people that live here permanently, and that's this kid go and ran out of school in the shadow of his house.

And the house he's about this, they are all so-and-serokorichnevye, sometimes painted bright blue, blue or yellow.

We have cows, they have - camel, a cow is probably not going to survive ..

Well, that local women povynoslivey cows will be ...

What a minefield - no other cemetery?

In the pink shop selling pink boxes - what could it be?

If a kid know what we want to drink, it would not show us the bottle, though it seems empty ..

Stand up a little in the shade and continue to follow, although they have so good on the head umbrellas, just heavy.

It seems a very distinctive look to Arab women, although this is only the future of women, but the look is ...

After all, until old age she will be in shadow, and not as here - in the shadow of the house, and in the shadow of his men, be submissive and obedient.

Yes, yes, here in the shadow of the most ruthless exploiters of Monsters!
Of course, there is only truth in that, after all it's all in our European view, they are completely different ...

Well so much for philosophical thoughts, and we finally got to the famous Aswan.
As always, there are no problems with accommodation - find a hotel near the train station for 15 pounds (75 rubles)., No air conditioner, but with the fan on the ceiling, comfortable in the corridor - you can live! We ate, drank and went for a walk in the evening city.

A small town full of tourists, along the waterfront are dozens of huge tourist steamers.
Dinner in a fish restaurant. Night life does not stop the heat and almost falls off, so soon returned to the hotel.

Dates for breakfast and cookies with tea. Found on the waterfront ferry for £ 5. (25 rubles). It seems a penny, but as it turned out the local pay 20 times less than -25 piastres. In these times and we have paid, in spite of the surprise and opposition monitors.
On the other side of the tombs of the nobility, entry £ 30 all around protection. They went along the coast, why not bathe in the Nile?
Water, unlike Cairo warm and clean. Crocodiles also can not see ...

After bathing, went along the spines. Soon the fence was over and we climbed up the hill.
Suddenly came straight to the entrance of what is grave, and the gates are open.

Now we come on to climb everywhere, no one did not seem to interfere, even weird ..

Right from the entrance to the tomb opens a view of the city.

That's what this is - the work of man or a laminated sandstone, and it has already dug all these huge underground rooms and tunnels?

Climbed even higher up the mountain. Clearly visible from above the city, floating felucca, and Nubian village houses with purple, which we have visited.

> At the top stands a stone mausoleum.

Going down, saw the work of archaeologists, assisted by local men in lab coats - are digging with shovels, wheelbarrows carry the ground.
Fearful of being discovered, come closer and shoot were not under cover and climbed into another tomb, where we then found.

The guard promised to show three tombs in 30 pounds.
After receiving the money, opened only one door, explaining that there were buried three brow. Cheated!
Key person no longer has the money back does not give.

Tomb of long examined. Phot Impressive!
Mahmoud for the money and was not averse to pose.

After a bit of money squabbles, Mahmud left us alone and went away. And we continued examination.
The tombs of different sizes, designs and bas-reliefs on the walls, many passages, corridors, staircases and holes in the ground - everything is made very difficult!
Found that some ancient vessels, such as amphorae, clay cups, dice.

Archaeologists finished and left, locking the few tombs that we could only look through the bars on them many finds - baskets of bones, potsherds, etc.

Archaeologists apparently Spanish ..

Here they even left photographic equipment, apparently for fixing the findings ..

Lech the role of Indiana - although film shoot!

And here reincarnated as a Martian with a large head and small eyes ...

Learn to read by syllables - Ma-ma-la Pa We st - well, as we all!

Amazing - it was close! Here, for example orphan sarcophagus, is itself, does not hurt ..

Lech wanted at first even to take the artifact back home - put, says the kitchen, I'll brew tea.
But too heavy a teapot.
And who knows - maybe there remains some sort of nobility was the opposite, and perhaps still remains ..

Climbed to sunset, then back down to the Nile to bathe. Then sat until dark and watched the fishermen.

Somewhere I had seen these birds ... Ah, of course! - For many Egyptian figures can be seen that a recognizable profile - apparently a sacred bird!
As we admire the sunset over the Nile.

At night, the whole thing well illuminated to attract tourists.

Night Aswan to the other side ..

The same mausoleum ..

Well, we were back in the direction of the pier and saw the rest of the heat of the day camels and their herders ..

Crossed now for 2.5 rubles to the other side of the Nile, and by purchasing products on the road, went to the hotel.
Cooked on a gas burner, which we have with each other, canned soup, eggs, drank tea with chocolate.
Tomorrow will try to go to Abu - Simbel.

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