Saturday, September 24, 2011

[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 8.

в Индии

We sat down so not on the train. That is, we boarded on time, but the fact that the trains on time in Egypt do not go and to get on the train, you must be late ..

Three times we had to change places - all the time we found ourselves on others, until the usher did not explain that the train next to raspisaniyu.Pozhav his shoulders, he gave us free rein, and went on obilechivat.
Mail car and found a place in it with every comfort.
Lehina video. ( Page # = / MA IL / _alsem_ / )

Along the railroads as usual poor settlements and piles of debris.

So we arrived at an empty car to Assiut, where we found all the same supervisors and escorted to the street. not even offered to buy a ticket.
No sooner had we drink some water, came as another train - a scourge that is one on which people ride easier.
Packed with people, he was the eyeballs. We have tried to engineer volunteered in the cockpit, but he refused, citing the police.
The train started and we jumped together with a dozen people in the peasant-looking van.

Travel our picturesque were pretty and it was hard to resist not to photograph them.

We drove all night and half the next day, with short stops and all the time at high speed.
The people in our car and went out and we went on from time to time on the run postrelivaya cameras through the open door and zapechetlevaya scenes from provincial Egyptian life.

Baggage car - and that's the whole baggage - a bunch of pieces of iron thrown to us by one of the stations.

Another "change of structure" - in car sat teens and began to intently study us. And we - their ...

I liked how they stood up. It looks like a staged picture, although it is not.

Everything! glands come to your destination ..

In this car with the door open you can shoot, though the train is moving at such speed that it can be done only when it slows down.

At times, the railroad comes close to the Nile River and its becomes apparent.

Along the road stretch endless farmlands and palm plantations.

Sometimes we were all alone and it was so spread out here on the floor.
After a sleepless night tended to sleep, but flashing outside the window types were not allowed to do so.
And sleep, when here it is - freedom!
The thunder of madly rushing train, vast expanses of the mysterious country, the hot desert air, burst into the car!


Usually instantly hiding in a camera woman, do not have time to react, apparently just do not expect to see a photographer in such a place.

Right next to the ways farmers cultivate the land.

In this heat can only be in the shade,

... and someone just sitting and relaxing in a field under the scorching sun.

A strange girl in the dirty pajamas welcomes us ...

Seeing foreigners, local hesitant to get into our car and go further. Well, okay, we are without them quite well.

A little more of my videos.

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