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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 7.

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After Dahshur, before the long road south to Aswan, we decided to rest a day and swim to the boat on the Nile.
But first, some pictures and videos do not fit in the previous post about the pyramids of Dahshur.

Lech sent me a piece of video here as we were driving in Dahshur.

Returned to the road through the cemetery, more like a small town. In these tombs will be live, which is what some residents of Cairo and its environs. This so-called City of the Dead. There even conduct electricity and running water.
But it seems in this cemetery only truly dead.

Passing through the night Dahshur was not to avoid meetings with local, but we are not wanted.

Lech communicates with the local rebyatney.
Further images of provincial life.

As they walked through the village, gathered for a whole tail of the curious.
Probably not often, especially at night, they have seen of foreigners.
Reaching the road, quickly caught the bus to Cairo, or rather to the place where buses to Cairo.

That's just the place - under the overpass, near the canal.

Despite the late hour and fatigue, we decided to try to get tickets for the train to Aswan.
On the subway statntsii Giza, on which trains are also in the south of Aswan, cheap train tickets for us and not sold, sent to the station Ramsis, where the train goes. Tried to get tickets through a local guy - he at first agreed, but after a short conversation with some sort of pomogaloy, revolves around banks, declined. We turned to the most pomogale, but even he could not not help us. Let's go to Ramsis.
In the video, we can estimate the principle of traffic in Cairo, and simply put the chaos in the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
Motorists should be interesting.

In offices Ramsisa history repeated itself. Under various pretexts, refused to sell us tickets for the simple train, ie those that drive poor people. We also wanted to get it on a train.
Made knight's move - bought a ticket on the road to the nearest train station, hoping to transfer to a regular there. The main thing - to overcome the barrier Cop landing in Cairo. So they did.

Our train departs in the evening, so we have almost a whole day at leisure in Cairo.
But the hotel we can not relax.
By the way, can appreciate the decoration of our rooms. (Remember, costs 75 rubles a day on our money)

After wavering on the pyramids of our odezhka slightly dusty, had to wash.
Along with the pants washed and bucks at the same time ...

Went aimlessly.

On the elevator in a building up to the top floor and we were lucky - one of the apartments was just for repairs and it was a plasterer. Gestures explained that we wanted to film a top view and he missed us on the balcony.

On top of really good views of the Nile, felucca sailing and skyscrapers.

Along the coastline of many floating restaurants and clubs.

It seems that competition in sailing.

Swim to the other side of the river on a boat with an open deck for 1 pound (5 rub.) Ate delicious cakes.
Back to back on one of the bridges, which are in Cairo a few.

Apparently, this fish is found, although the Nile quite dirty.

The building, like a plant, in fact - the hospital.

Waiting for his lady love with ..

Not bad as a walk in the evening, the same with clothes ripped to the station.
Before that, I still ran a half hour to shop in search of a memory card. Not designed, it would be so much shooting the video, so the memory was melting in his eyes, but there is still so much!
Compact Flash Find more than 2 gigs was a daunting task - all in a lather, I ran to the hotel for half an hour before the train with two cards of 2 gig.
In the car, we flew for two minutes prior to departure. As it turned out - in the car of another train. But more about that next time ....

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