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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 6

в Индии

Finally we arrived at Dahshur. Here too there is a pyramid, but they are slightly different, not like those at Giza - one red, another broken line, the third - out of clay bricks.


Why this Red Pyramid, I hope to clarify in the comments of somebody savvy readers.
Until we reach it, decently cooked in the sun, so I crawled inside.


To get to the burial chamber, had to overcome a long, narrow corridor. Located inside the first really difficult - not breathe, sweat pours down a stream, but after a while the body adapts.

On the set of traces of sand - probably from ATVs or SUVs, but we have not seen a single one.


We noticed from afar, as they say, was ..


That's welcome - just not with bread - salt ...
Imagine how boring it is, in contrast to other pyramids here but us, tourists are no longer visible.


All the while we were at the Loman, from us on a step would not leave two guards - one on foot, the other a camel.
May fear that will solve the mystery of what some Egyptian, see something which the tourists are not supposed to see.
In fact, I think, just hoping for baksheesh.


Log in polygonal line is closed - the keys, as he said a guard at Zahi Hawass - Egyptian chief archaeologist.


Lech, apparently believing in that next to the pyramids are not the usual laws of physics, gravity checks.

Stamped at the door a bit, trying to persuade the guard to open the door, but it is useless - even baksheesh was not deceived, probably the key really.


Second with a camel waiting for us downstairs.


Facing damaged, apparently by earthquakes, but can pilfered to build houses?
In the background clay pyramid (name added)



Under the watchful eye of the cops walked around the polygonal line and tired of the obsessive voyeurs, have decided to throw farther, the more the word baksheesh has been more clearly appear in their speeches.


More on that then hoping they carried us about 50 meters, but he realized that from us as from goat milk, with a grunt finally disappeared.
And actually what baksheesh - inside, we have not visited!



Particularly badly affected by the angles of the pyramid - I think they just make it easier to someone to disassemble ...


Well, we're moving in the direction of the next - Pottery. Although, if you do not know that this is the work of man can take from a distance for a simple mountain. And only in the vicinity, it becomes apparent that it consists of many thousands of clay bricks.


On the horizon, red - it seems she really has some reddish tint.



It seems that everywhere there excavations. By the way, we met with two dogs, but they were unobtrusive.


Although, when I began to take off here is - waving his arms shouting-Know! - Remove impossible!
Well, probably the tomb of some secret ... We may suspect a black archeologists.



What then rushed uhar on a motorcycle to show off all around us and sped off into the distance.


After a while he returned, this time with a friend - perhaps to look at the wonder - of living of tourists. :)


Just as quickly disappeared into the desert sands.




Here you can see the Lech, and by providing the scale, to understand how many bricks were laid in the pyramid.


Top offers a good view of the desert on one side and palm groves on the other, as well as images of provincial life.


The kids play football ..



Who is taking an evening stroll through the desert ...


The couple met in a romantic atmosphere.


The boys on the roof of the booth arranged sparring - stand in the battle front.


Built originally looking oil or gas extraction on the background of distant pyramids. obektivchik be more powerful ..


Well, actually decline - even in Africa sunset! (And we are just in Africa, by the way)



Sat a long time and accompanied the setting sun behind the pyramid. I do not know whether that is able to transmit picture, but it was beautiful.
That would stay the night here and enjoy the starry skies, shoot with a tripod.
But alas - we do not have a tripod, or rugs with sleeping bags, and most importantly - ran out of water! We have the second hour without a sip of water, and it's in the local conditions, oh, how hard!



Well, sat a little more on track and off.!


Finally the frame edge Dahshur.
Guys, those who fought on the roof of the booth, and showed us the road led through the entire village.
Along the way, at dusk, had a few more interesting shots, but it is already in the next post.

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