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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 4.
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Today, it was decided to go to Saqqara - a place not far from Cairo, where there are a few of the pyramids, including those deemed to be the oldest - the pyramid Dzhossera.

Getting there is easy. Metro Station, Giza, and then on the bus - ask to Saakary - every prompt. Exit the bus where the channel starts, parking here minibuses. Wait for the bus filled with people, and for 1.25 pounds (7 rub.) We reach a fork in Sokkaru. Hence, another three kilometers to the pyramids - you can take a tuk-tuk for a pound, and we went on foot, as the road goes through the village and we are interested ..

It is true the sun beats down so that the interest quickly disappears and we move bounds - from the shadow to shadow, catching the curious glances of local farmers. And the people and animals in this time of the day hiding from the sun.

as, for example, that these two friends.

on both sides of the road endless palm plantations, where they go is the number of dates - the mind is not understandable.

boys, especially for us demonstrated how to climb palm trees. (see video)

Half an hour later saw the path through the trees the first pyramid, and turned off the road, straight across the desert, past the banks, headed in her direction.
At the top of the pyramid photo of another region, not sokkarskie, but they are visible from here, too bad, if desired, and availability of money, here you can reach them on a camel.

And here is the oldest - the pyramid Dzhossera (though its antiquity - a controversial point)
Do not quite understand how it can restore - to replace fallen stones new? - Does it make sense?

camel-drivers stubbornly waiting for the few tourists here.

apparently due to the fact that tourists are not many controls are weaker - no one stopped us and did not ask the ticket.

absolutely hands down - is sitting out of work ...

in the land of unknown and in what period vykopanye mine enormous. COG can yes, they were filled with water? - On the walls there are traces, like water.
can anyone tell from this savvy - I'd be interested to know.

After sitting on the edge of one of dyrisch, went ahead and saw near the gate blocked by descent to the ground.
Waited five minutes, until the guard turns away, yawning sleepily at 100 meters from us. and in that moment when he was completely absorbed in cleaning their nails, siganuli down.
Who wants to walk with us into the underground Sokkary - see video

Escape from the cave to the light was a little harder, but we were lucky, we have remained undetected.

Near the pyramid Dzhossera there is another - much more destroyed. We climbed on top of her and we were again no one noticed and did not interfere. On the top photo a general view of the pyramids Dzhossera and the surrounding area of ​​excavation.

The pyramid itself is composed, in contrast to the frequently visited the pyramids of Giza, from major bricks and has an unusual tiered shape.

I hope the video you have already seen this piece.
Egyptian approached and invited to see what is particularly valuable.
Shown here this first psevdodver, carefully hidden from the camera and not knowing what I'm shooting the video.
Then along came down to the already renovated basement with a well-preserved paintings and bas-reliefs (on video)
Perhaps those catacombs, where we climbed up to it, ever take a decent look, but it seems to happen is not soon

Another pyramid, near Dzhossera, order ruffled time.

somewhere down there on the bottom, we had just climbed.

If you stand back a little from the mass tourist group visited sites can be found on the ground broken utensils, crockery, etc., on how much they are ancient, though not well known ...

Go back to the highway through the desert, too, so not to get the guards.
We have a long time probably climbed here, but, first, as always run out of water, and secondly, today, we still wanted to have time to Dahshur, another region where there are a few pyramids.

Going on the road to the highway, they saw a peasant, wash the horse.
By such a horse would be a sin to go and do a couple of shots.
Ahmed (as it appears here every other name) after seeing our interest, invited to visit and told that a horse named Amir, her 8 years, and in general he lives nearby and has a large orchard, a plantation of palm trees, 7 horses, 2 camels wife and two adult sons living with their families nearby.

I'm certainly not a great connoisseur of horses, but even to me she seemed very nice and a thoroughbred - a real Arabian horses!

Ahmed continued namyvat horse shampoo and a washcloth.

Here you can see what kind of Amira not weak teeth.

After bathing the horses, Ahmed regaled us with tea and we obnaglev, each with three blown glass.

Thank you Ahmed, still regret not having gone to visit him and did not see the orchard, his wife and sons - all hoping to succeed in Dahshur. In Dahshur this day we all still got - but that's seduyuschem post ..

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