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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 24.
Again Cairo Dervishes whirling and dancing.

в Индии

In this post: Again, go to the Egyptian train, packed to capacity, we communicate with local, immersed in the chaos of Cairo street, get on a rotating representation of the Whirling Dervishes.

Siwa oasis of chosen the same path - first by bus through the desert to Alexandria, then boarded the train.

I for some reason this picture reminds frame of sci-fi movie, like the aliens in the chairs of the spacecraft.
Although, in fact, the newcomers - this is us, they then local ...

The bus air conditioner from a specific Dubakov, so they are well wrapped. I do not understand this phenomenon - if the hot country, then the bus must kolotun stupidly forget to turn off? After all, it is clear that all freeze, can get pleasure from it?

We drove all night, arrived in Alexandria at 6 am.
Train to Cairo is full, no seats, ride standing up. £ 10 per person. (50 rubles).

One after another the coach are traders and loudly advertise their goods - ranging from sewing needles kits, rolls and tea, books and ending with cell phones.
We bought some candy then, like nuts in fused sugar. Hunger quenched, but the payback for this for me was ejected from the tooth fillings: (

Apparently in Cairo are not many visitors, at least we're sick of them yet, contrary to the desire to communicate beyond all our expectations!
Walking down the subway, suddenly we hear cheers - we welcome both old childhood friend, had not seen for 20 years.
Nothing like this - completely unknown to us, as it turned out, an employee of Metro, rushed us to stretch, stretching out their hands in greeting and even tried to hug us both. (Remember our workers underground ()
Sorry, I withdraw the culmination did not have time ...

Settled in the hotel bekpekerskuyu "Dahab", on the roof, close to Tahrir Square, 45 pounds for a double room. (230 rubles).
Neighbours - free travelers from different countries met here a couple of Peter.

In the evening went to the Islamic Cairo, whirling dervishes seek.
For some reason I thought that these Dervishes - Turkey phenomenon, is not only ...

Wandered on the streets of an evening, trying as much as possible and remember to feel succinctly the local flavor, because very soon our journey will end, and leaving only the memories ...

Lech photographed ordinary Cairo street, reminiscent of subway at rush hour.

Lech decided that the purity of his shoe does not match the surroundings and decided to clean them, the more search did not have long - shining shoes galore!

here is what happened ... :)

Wandered on the main shopping district, more like a huge bazaar, until finally, by questioning, we do not find a cultural center, a former caravanserai ..

No, the picture is not it, and a huge mosque nearby ...

but he only has inside.
Concerts of ethnic music held here daily at 20 -00 pm, and Saturday - Dancing Dervishes. We were lucky - today it is Saturday!
Admission is free, let begin well before the presentation, we waited half an hour!

Finally beat drums and played musical instruments.
Very interesting and rhythmically complex music, especially struck by the musicians playing on the bongos!

Not to say that I'm a big fan of ethnic music, but I sat there, fascinated, and clapping his hand on my knee!
Whether we are there, in the provinces and remote oases few and missed run wild, but I have my music does not deliver such a pleasure!

The ability of the dervishes spin to one side for over an hour in general leads to a screeching halt.
It seems impossible, but we see it with my own eyes!
After this rotation mad they did not lurch and did not lose coordination!

Enthusiastic, after the presentation back to the hotel ..

Last day in Egypt.
Our interests diverged from Lehoy - decided to kill two birds with one stone.
Lech went to the Cairo Museum, and I'm in the Citadel, where later we agreed to meet together and go into the city scavengers.

In the Citadel, a huge mosque of Mohamed Ali (who is? - I, an ignoramus, I only know a boxer with that name ..)

... great view of Cairo from the flocks of white doves and the pyramids on the horizon ..,

Mohamed Ali Mosque from the inside is huge and gorgeous!

Very similar to Istanbul, where we were this spring ...

... Museum of the Egyptian Army. Then I began to end with a memory in the camera and I certainly saved the shooting ..
Although the interior was quite interesting and unusual, especially in light of the events now in Egypt ..

In general, I will not bore you the usual tourist cards, which everyone in the game tons!

But in the next post will try to surprise indeed nontrivial kinds of garbage, where I went in the evening, without waiting for the appointed place in Lech. Do not miss out!

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