Monday, September 26, 2011

[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 23.

Mount Dakrur, the oasis of Siwa, the top view.

в Индии

In my notebook recording the traveling "Mount Dakrur" was without any poyasneney.
Climbed into the Internet and found only this:

In the oasis of Siwa, near the mountain Dakrur, is "the sandy resort." In the summer, in June, at about 2 pm when the sun is at its zenith and the air temperature around 50 C completely naked people suffering from rheumatism, low back pain or sexual dysfunction, buried in the sand, leaving only the surface of the head.
The procedure takes about 20 minutes, then dig up the man, wrapped in blankets and assign the tent where hot salted watered tea or broth. Then - the shower and sleep. People come here only with the belief that they will be better, but the results of the treatment of prehistoric impressive. Gone through this procedure argue that a significant improvement, they need three to nine days of "backfilling".

Nothing of the kind of grief Dakrur we certainly did not and so stupidly polelezli on its top.
Gorushka is generally small, but considering the scorching heat, the rise was not so simple.

Finally made it to the top and from there a long time to observe the life of the oasis.

Hence the perfectly clear sea of ​​palms and olive trees, spread the bottom of salt lakes and the red-brick color.

Naturally on the surface water a single boat or sailboat - the fish here can not be.
The road, built directly across the lake, go in the direction of the nearby oasis, to which dozens or hundreds of kilometers.

Ah, here would be the glider!

But it is difficult to be a long time, I want to quickly hide from the sun. That has got to Lech saving shade.

Down at the foot of a lot of abandoned houses of clay-like scenery of the film.
Or maybe it is the very healing resort where people live buried in sand and relieve impotence?

Lech again as Indiana Jones, there is no only with a pistol holster on one side or the whip.

Such facilities are decent, like ethno-village, but all abandoned.

Well Indina - the guy is steep, long time to understand not - livanul gasoline from the canister and struck a match!

Well firefighters quickly arrived on the cart and everything was put out ..

While the burned village and phot firefighters, the sun went below the horizon, but today we wanted to catch the pool of Cleopatra.
On top of the mountain we noticed him and walked around in that direction right through the palm plantations.

On the road met a peasant, collecting dates.
I pose a little and went on to their peasant affairs.

Initially, we took as Cleopatra's pool this mess.
But then presented to her bathing Queen and we thought - but it would not be there to swim!

And here, perhaps would have become!
Large swimming pool, the bottom is not visible, but from there, rising air bubbles from the bottom, the water pretty clean and clear.
Long bathed in warm water for half an hour and then sat by the fire of palm leaves and listened to the chirping of cicadas.
A romantic place to go from here do not want to, but today is our last day in the oasis and had to hurry to the evening bus to Alexandria.

On the way back zastopili ass with two mahouts and cart, laden with grass.
Boys dovezli us almost to the Siwa and were happy to received two pounds and one Russian pyatirublevke ..

Upon arrival, again bought tomatoes, bread and had a farewell picnic in the garden.

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