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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 21

 In granulated sugar.

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Oasis of Siwa, like any other real oasis, is surrounded by sand. Located in the village, feel the closeness of the desert is difficult, so we took a big box office and went to look for the dunes.

We slept in a hotel. I woke up from the heat and heard singing outside the window - mournful, sad, with eastern tints and pretzels, like a prayer.
Lay and listened for half an hour - did not stop singing. He opened the window shutters. While we slept, it was dark and the bright moon, only intensifies the impact of unusual music.

I wanted to hear and listen to these complex musical phrases, full of unknown European ears of the mysterious shades.
Fearing that it would end soon and I do not even know what it was, jumped onto the street and the sound came to a little music shop.
The hard to explain from the two young Egyptians discovered that the Koran Karim.
Asked to write this song on the flash drive.
"It's not a song, it's muslim religion" - corrected the guy and for 5 pounds I have recorded two dozen Arab melodies.
For him it was obvious that he was surprised by my interest in Islamic music.
But it was still in Aswan, just today got the arm that flash drive and I remembered this episode.

Now back to the oasis.
The evening took a big box office and in the early morning went to the sandy side of the Sea, the so-called location on the outskirts of Siwa, where the Sahara begins.

On the road met a friend of a donkey, rode with him to say hello ..

While traveling through endless plantations of date palms, figs ate, and then even gathered enough of greed a package of crack, the largest - might be able to drop off at home.

Plantations are not protected by anybody, and I think we have done is not too significant losses on the economy of Siwa, having collected the package dates.
I must say that we did dovezli their home, stuffed in plastic bottles with necks cut off.
And even the customs at the airport did not have to us the claims.

This is not the only dates - a lot of olive trees, figs, grapes .... and shrubs karkade

So why we called this plant. Maybe not true, but very similar.

On the outskirts of the village ran into such facilities here that are in error can be taken as a chapel.
In fact, it's just a pigeon.
Mud pigeon in the form of towers, enliven the monotony of the Egyptian villages.
Sometimes they are painted white or covered with simple ornaments. The pots with the bottom knocked out of cement in the walls - are ready to nest. Doves eat in Egypt, it is recognized delicacy.

Near the dovecotes children played and women engaged in farming.
Seeing us, the women chose to retire.

We reached the place where the road ended, drowned in the desert sands.

Left high on the road and climbed up on the dunes.
From the desert blowing strong, hot wind carries clouds and sand.
I do not know how to stand such a test my camera down - sand and dust that seemed to penetrate everywhere.

Dunes pretty tight on him, you can easily walk.
We Lehoy scattered in different directions and met only forty minutes from large, sharing his impressions and emotions.

On the way back to Siwa caught a couple of pools with fairly clean and warm water - swim with pleasure!
What is not clear pools - whether for irrigation, or for people?
In general, the whole oasis dotted with lines of irrigation canals, which then pools, ponds - a complex irrigation system.

Keep the path towards the lake, through the parched and covered with a thick layer of salt marshes.

At the lake's grace, a paradise!
The sun was on the horizon, the heat subsided, egrets glide above the water surface in search of fish.

What is the enterprising Egyptians gave to the bank of some sort of bar with tea and shisha.
Wishing to enjoy the sunset in the desert apparently enough ..
And we decided to follow suit.

First, once again bathed in a deep pool, then took the hookah and chairs were arranged in a palm on the shore.

Carried out before the sun and the deep darkness of sitting on the beach and listening to the rustle of the waves and the cries of herons.
But this feast was not over, the soul demanded its extension - in other words we just want to eat!
Met the same morning a donkey, he was parked in the same place!
And maybe the other - they all look the same.

Only thanks to the foresight taken the flashlight in the pitch dark, we finally got to Siwa.
Immediately went to the vegetable store and bought some potatoes there, tomatoes with cucumber, onion and mayonnaise.
Upon arrival at the hotel was prepared over a gas burner posh dinner - finally ate human food - and sleep!

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