Monday, September 26, 2011

[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 20.

 Fortress of Shali and its inhabitants ..

в Индии

Waiting for many centuries, the fortress of Shali was washed away in heavy rains overnight.
Provide at least a weak rain in these parts and it is quite difficult, but my mother - the earth sometimes presents such surprises. It certainly does not present an earthquake in Japan, but still ...

After an overnight visit to the fortress, which said in a previous post, I wanted to go back there at dawn.
Hardly slept at all afraid to miss the sunrise and almost missed.

Almost ran ran through the deserted streets yet and soon found himself in a clay labyrinth, encountering along the way only a sleepy donkey chewing their cud sluggish.

... Then another one, it seems quite sleeping ..

Climbed a mountain when the sun had already risen from the horizon and lit up all around the reddish light.
In less than five minutes, but it has flared up in full force and the day came.

From the mountain you can see the lakes surrounding Siwa and palm thickets.
Siwa - the main producer of dates in Egypt. Here there are about 250 thousand trees. Such abundance of olives, fruit and vegetables can hardly find elsewhere.

I played like it in paintball. That would be a good location for paintball battles!

He sat on the hill and watched as the oasis comes to life - start to appear carts with people riding on apparently collecting dates, ...

... Grandmother held her granddaughter to school ..

... on the streets people are beginning to appear.

The little girl saw me and stared, squinting in the bright sun.

Would have at least a minimal ability to communicate in their language, one could try to get inside these houses, their houses is difficult to call .. see how they live, what dyshut ..

.. And so can only look at their small courtyard.

... in the courtyard, of course, the donkey. At Ziba, the maximum number of donkeys per capita:)

But when life was in full swing here, people lived in these houses, raised children.

And all was washed away by rain! about it can be removed the next film - a catastrophe. Presenting images from this film - a gutter water flow at home, crumbling towers and walls, mad people in a panic rushing through the narrow streets and staircases ..

Last Day of Pompeii Shisha!

I wonder whether there were excavated, because under certain oplyvshey clay could save a lot of interesting things!

Although now you can meet people.
Some people have adapted the ruins of the barn for livestock and storage on the roofs of the surviving dried figs.

I met a boy with a dog hurrying to school.
I was surprised that he absolutely did not respond to the flies, busily sitting down on his face.

I do not much about - not the old Volga it? similar to the production of our automobile.
Its owner says the phrase is something like "What the hell are you will not start!"
Perhaps such a rarity with the right approach, not pulled in a thousand bucks!

They greet each other with the Egyptians, and I must say goodbye to you.
The story of Siva is not over yet
The next time will be about dates, glubyatni, dunes Africa, goodbye to the sun on the shores of Lake Siwa.

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