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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 18.

 The road to the oasis of Siwa.

в Индии

To get from Alexandria to Siwa - the most remote Egyptian oasis - one must first take the train to Mars, Matruh and go west, towards the Libyan border.
Then we could not assume that a couple of months here begins a mess, and so went to the Well \ railway station.

As early as 6:30 am at the station, through the brief questioning, calculated the train to Mars - Matrouh and jumped into the last car, until we saw the cops and taken to a guarded car.
Train lucky - caught on is that the people with a minimum of amenities, but the maximum available for the money.
Soon appeared, and usher us obiletil - 7.5 lbs (50 rubles.) With the chela.


Leaving Alexandria, so it looks margin, but probably also look around the outskirts of other Egyptian cities.
The picture is a familiar ...
Note - the wagon is made of pre-election banner. Well, about the same if we had to what some musorovozku prishpandorili portraits of Putin and Zhirinovsky:)


I do not know whether there is in Alexandria, which is like a city garbage - is a quarter of Cairo, dealing purely reprocessing waste, and which will be a different story.
It seems rubbish dumped along the railroad.



Apparently the direction towards the Libyan border is not very popular here, so the further we moved away from Alexandria, the less people left in our car.
Those that remained seemed quite friendly ...



Lech is trying to bring down the already ridiculous price for a ticket.


The doors to the car, as always, wide - slices of life imprint Egyptian province.
Schoolgirls returning home from school.





The crowd in our car is constantly changing.

A guy at first for a long time staring at us openly, and his facial expression very much like the blue, and when going out, most have already sold out and started sending me kisses. I do not know what it was - or simply an expression of sympathy, or whether in fact .....






Local show keen interest to us - it is easy to imagine himself a Hollywood star!
Take it easy, considering it myself grown up children ..




At one point our car quite empty and we were left alone here with the "black widow"
All the way mummy sat almost without changing his position, and only a slit for the eyes we can see that she too is watching over us ...



On one of the stops included the cops, and as always for his own - to name a sleeping car guarded.
Fools pretended, pretended not to understand, and forcibly drag us not dare ..

More gestures show that you can not take pictures. Also known song! Maybe the whole thing in the huge factory in the middle of the desert and obscure objects of unfinished construction of the window. Along the roads around it are built and people can not see.

Several times saw a group of military - like the militarized zone.




Barber right at x \ a ways - left, shaved - went further:)
Our train flies farther at a breakneck pace.

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