Monday, September 26, 2011

[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 17.

Alexandria, meetings on the streets.

в Индии

Today, at least the text - I suggest a walk in a poor quarter of Alexandria.
Who are these people, what they are doing? - I know no more than you, so if someone could comment on the pictures - please!

These vehicles are very common throughout Egypt.

Iceman - sells not only ice cream, but also good mood!

Chickens also does not hurt ...

This guy does things! - Gilded frame of a homemade baguette. And on the street, the climate allows.

A small bakery. Loader, an auxiliary worker. This guy a lot of cajoling did not have to take a picture!

Friendly people - have treated us with their sticks of dough - delicious, still warm!

Maybe someone knows - what is written on the banners?

Butcher shop and its owner.

This is not a dump and construction - they live here!

Children are always supergiperaktivny!

Many are riding tricycles on why that great - probably because of the terrain here is very important.

Field kitchen - it looks like roast chicken legs on the go!

A familiar pattern already - sheep on the streets ..

A black cat crossed the road - I wonder they have such a sign, or is it purely Russian?

Shied around the block before nightfall, and then selected for this tarantayke here.

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