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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 15.

в Индии

In Egypt, now a complete mess, and after a couple of months ago when we were there, did not promise ... But I return to my sheep .. (and some rams it, so why do they say?)

In Luxor back was dark. Great in our possession until the morning, so a ride on the outskirts of the city and began to Karnak temple.



We all know that Luxor - megaturistichesky town, but worth a little space out from the tourist track, once you get into the slums. Or is it just the type of Slums, and the people living there and nothing ...
On the other hand, there would be nothing - or may not be the revolution of which we are told on television.


We knew that the Luxor and Karnak temples are connected by an alley of sphinxes, but found it not at once.
Or rather, where it is clearly seen, and sometimes disappears in her place - dug earth, construction debris.
I was surprised that it even does not fenced, nor anyone else is protected. The result is obvious - many sphinxes or not, or they are destroyed.



Finally reached the walls of Karnak Temple. The endless cries of local - Know, Close! , Reacted with silence and went on. Penetrate, the more the bicycle was not in the mind, so by turning on the square in front of the main entrance and a little tease of nervous security guards began to skirt around the perimeter of the temple wall.


Right beneath the walls of the temple residential areas, people live their lives - the territory watered water to get rid of accumulated dust per day ...


.... Contain cattle.


In the backyard coop, adorned with mock mosque.

In one of these houses we called the man and introduced himself as Abdu, invited me to visit for a cup of tea.
We climbed to the roof has not yet unfinished house and turned on the porch, right next to the wall Karnak temple.
While drinking tea, Abdu said that working at the post office and has an antique business. Here he built a new house, and now lives in a very different quarter, which awaits us tomorrow for a visit to show his collection of things found in house construction.
We were almost sure that we necessarily Abdou Abdou-rit, but what the chip is not immediately realized, and out of curiosity, have accepted the invitation.


So far got from the suburbs and drove to the Luxor Temple, it was too late. We have twisted the pedal in the direction of the hotel.



The hotel we at a crossroads, from the balcony of our room view of the four streets. Hence the curious to observe the life and life at the bottom of a neighbor across the street.


The night is quiet, so I slept on the balcony, but in the morning I woke there are comrades.


At the entrance to encounter such animals here.
What does it mean? - Stand in the shape of the Pharaohs prop up the head of sheep from a lion paws.




The temple is striking in size.
Just look at the hypostyle hall, the ceiling does not exist now that when it propped up a huge 144 Colne! The trunks of the columns were covered with magnificent reliefs of the total area of ​​24,282 m2 and finished with gold leaf.


... or this giant obelisk 30 meters high. from a single piece of red granite.
The inscription on the obelisk queen says:
"Here, my heart is torn back and forth
Thinking that the same people will say,
Those that will see monuments created by me, years later
And they will say that I made.
Do not say: "We do not know, we do not know
As it was erected?
As a mountain of gold have done,
As if that were commonplace?>:
Hearing this, do not say that this is bragging,
But tell me: <It seems that Her Majesty on Hatshepsut ,
How worthy of her father, Amon>
Translation of Victor Solkina



The sacred lake, which is set on the banks of the figure of the Scarab.
Beetle around almost constantly walking tourists, hoping to find simple way happiness, wealth, women - pregnancy is based on who did how many laps:)
Scarab to shoot did not bother ...



In general, there is something to see! But we have time - we are waiting for Abdou.
In spite of our tardiness in 20 minutes, he waited for us and for his motorcycle through poor neighborhoods and slums in half an hour we came to his present home.


The street on which he lives with his family Abdou.


House from the inside, the wife of Abd and his daughter.

Scanty furnishings, primitive furniture, small TV, rag track zachuhany toilet - not very much like a home owner antique business, which we introduced Abdou ..


While his wife cooked dinner for us, entertain us dancing daughter.


For over an hour waiting for my wife to cook food.
Finally filed on a tray: soup, roast chicken, potatoes, salad. All very tasty and a lot!
Then we went into the bedroom to watch the collection.
How can we previously did not occur to him that this was the purpose of our visit!
Abdou took out of the box and put it on the table all kinds of artifacts - clay sculptures, figurines of animals and people, coins, stones.
It is unclear how all this is old, probably a fake.
Abdou claimed to have found it all, digging a hole under the foundation of their new home. Bullshit!
Findings were so different, even non-specialist to understand that all this is found in one place would be impossible.
Meanwhile, Abdu strongly suggested that any purchase!
Out of politeness, as payment for a delicious dinner, we all still buy his four old coins for £ 50.


I think he was pleased with our visit! and sent us his son to spend up to the nearest bus.



But suddenly my daughter was upset that we're leaving!


Before you pick up the backpacks from the hotel, ran to the temple of Luxor, to shoot it at sunset.
While looking out onto the roof, where the temple is clearly visible, the sun has set. Panoramka of 4 frames.


Next we want to go to town on the Red Sea coast Quseir.
To get there, you first need to change trains in Kefte.


Before boarding the bus, Lech in the chapel, located directly on the landing platform.
Somewhere along the way they saw from the window of a large concentration of religious people. Lech expressed surprise suggestion that it is preparing for a public execution:)
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