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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 14.

Child's play.

в Индии

Previous post ended with, as we have after Aswan in one day managed to visit two towns - Kom Ombo and Edfu, and the evening took the train to Luxor.
Not bad so pokemariv in air-conditioned coach, we arrived in Luxor is closer to the night.

First, a little movie, shot before boarding the train on the platform. Here, Egyptian men communicate, while the shoe shiner nadraivaet his sandals.

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In the morning rented a large problem with it here, and went to the Nile. On the bank found a boatman, who for five pounds (25 rubles). We moved the bikes to the other side.

All along the promenade an unthinkable number of huge ships - there are a few rows!

We went under the scorching sun to the temples and tombs. Nemeryannom them here!
Driving along the canal, past the banana plantations, witnessed the fire-fighting in most of these plantations.

If you have only just begun to smoke, but after 10 minutes, fire truck arrived promptly and all flooded with water from the canal.
Even the photograph did not really have time. This seems to only have all the lights for months, and in this heat like this, especially do not relax!

Already visible from afar Valley of the Kings where the tombs of over 60! This is a true city of the dead!

Two large statues of Amenhotep III sitting arranged by the road leading from the ferry to the city of the dead. They were destroyed by the earthquake and then rebuilt. They have 3,400 years!

It seems that this village is now abandoned, the people here are not visible.
Tried to penetrate through the wall of the temple of Medinet-Abu. We saw what a local guy and screaming long after - KNOW! KNOW! Mister!
It's so accepted: totally strangers all the time trying to take part in your destiny!
Everyone considers it his duty to inform you that the church is closed, you can not go back, come back tomorrow, etc. !
Sometimes the very act on the nerves!
It seems that any person they believe European appearance so blunt and unsuitable, that he was not in a position to consider how much time you can not climb over the fence, but the hotel can be reached by taxi.
Although, who knows, maybe this is true of most tourists visiting Luxor.
And although it seems to us that we are at least superficially different from gourmet tourists, for local, we all look the same!

So at this time whether the guy passed us, whether police themselves noticed.
After 10 minutes of our stay in the church, approached us with a request to show a ticket, obviously knowing that we do not.
6 pieces came running and the cops escorted us out of the gate ...

We went to the Valley of the Queens. We looked at three of the tomb. Not impressed - the feeling that the murals painted recently, there is no feeling of antiquity, all very bright and colorful. Did not do a single frame.
Beside all the time security guard, trying to please, and output requests baksheesh. And so in all the tombs. Got! - It's just their national disease, I would say an epidemic!

Water carrier.

Lone inhabitant, and can guard the very same village.
Next go to the temple of Hatshepsut. Sun is heading inexorably to a close and we seem to have no time. At least this many times tell us sympathetic local standard of advice - take a taxi and go to the hotel ... Yeah, right now!

We are moving towards disaster of the gang of boys.
Despite its small until the years - it's a real punk! Look at the expressions on the faces in the photo below:)

Well, this guy is more friendly!

Apparently podzadorit alien prikolnutsya over it - this is for their special valor! Well, I then what? - Pulled out a camera and let them click!

5 minutes, they showed us his masterly tires! they would act in the circus!

At this point, I for some reason completely forgot about the video mode on the camera, and pity! - You had to hear how much noise and screaming was from this band!
Then the passing on a motorcycle two men slightly subdued them, and we went on ..

Older boys chase the ball against the background of ancient temples.

Finally, we have gone from naselenki away, it was quite dark ... Clearly visible only illuminated the ruins of ancient buildings.

We went to church, when there was no one, except for protection.
The guard, seeing we have a camera, immediately panicked and began to gesture to show that we took.
Seeing our disobedience, called for help.
We moved away from the fence, but they calmed down and after that - went for us.
Lech came out of patience and luck would have it crawled to the nearest hill. I had to convince the guard that he wanted the toilet and be back soon. Not convinced - with the cry, they climbed over it.

Then, when Lech down, we had 15 minutes to settle the conflict. They calmed down only when we removed the cameras.
In words, we tried to explain that it is able to use their weapons and machines they really were ...
Apparently there is some sort of a terrible secret! :)
Then I read somewhere that since 2009 there are totally prohibited photo and video ..
But Lekha says that what is there from the mountain despite nasnimali darkness, only here did not send me.
Lech, if you read this post - come on, everyone should be interesting!

On the way back again drove past the Colossi Mnemnona. At night, the moonlight and stars, they look more impressive!

Slightly spoiled the mood improved police purchased at the crossing of tangerines, melons and bread.
Ate portions Kosheri and swam to the other side on a popular boat for half a pound (RR 3).
On this cycling trip in our day is not over.
Next time will tell, as we climbed on the outskirts of Luxor, acquainted with Abu fraud, came to visit him, and how it ended.

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