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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 13.

Komombo and Edfu.

в Индии

Today we leave Aswan and Edfu in Komombo and we will get to Luxor.
By x \ train station stopped the cops what they wanted, but we are seizing the moment, fled from them through an underpass on the platform.
Comes out of the transition - to stop another cop with a gun - apparently told on the radio.

Then everything is prosaic. Took us to the car to safety and, having calmed down, left.
Train the people, all befouled, a ticket to Komombo £ 3.5 per person. (18 rubles).
Upon arrival to the temple zastopili car and 20 minutes later were on the scene. Ticket £ 30., The possibility of illegal entry is not found.
Backpacks thrown straight in the shadow of the ruins and went to inspect.

The temple dedicated to the god Sebek half and half - the choir.
Leh to take this opportunity, I think begging them a drop of rain.

This is already tired of begging and humbled ...

Well, that's the same! - Sprinkled with someone, though no rain, and what that mysterious substance.
On the right is likely the same chorus, but left Sebek? - Experts, correct if that!

The bas-reliefs are so ambitious and convex, that is in them, even the sparrows can escape.

Protection does not sleep, I noticed Lech and right there - "Know! Know!" ...

... And then he beamed a smile.

What about waking of course I got carried away ...

Slumbers, and how!

The bas-reliefs can rasmatrivat long. Sometimes come across interesting stories. Here seems to depict torture ..

and then some sort of device for watering flowers and fruits? - Can sense is that the power of the pharaoh, or may not be a good harvest?

The Egyptians, mostly women, and in this life all on their heads drag, but there seems no simple hats, and that something more ..

handmade monkey:) (imagine how furious my delirium experts of Egypt), better keep quiet ...

two-headed snake on two legs ...

Since the church is on the outside.
After the church quickly climbed into the Nile to cool. Here he is noticeably dirtier than in Aswan, and feluccas much less ..

On the shuttle bus for £ 4. (20 rubles). Got to Edfu.
From the bus station first on the shuttle bus (2.5 ip), then a 20 minute walk to the temple.
Local pleased to help show the way.
At the box office except us was no one. Agreed with protection instead of £ 50, for 25 p, plus £ 5. - Protection of baksheesh.

It was quite dark, we wandered around the church almost alone, not counting employees.
Temple just amazed! Huge, beautiful, well preserved!

When included the mysterious music and colored lights, we just did were immersed in an atmosphere of ancient Egypt!

It is a pity to watch the light and music show we were not given, it was just a rehearsal.

Sheltered from the protection of long halls, we have some time wander under the rustle and squeak of bats, and then we have found and taken to the exit.
There's even asked for baksheesh for the protection of backpacks - to no avail.

Emerged from the church late at night, full of impressions and walked to Edfu.
At night here, as everywhere else but Egypt, very lively, a mess of people, cars, carts. We stopped at a big intersection and I was a little videotape this fuss:

In Luxor took the train for 24 pounds (120 p.), But caught a train with air conditioning, so we exhaust after a hot day, we slept until the Luxor.
Luxor certainly packed with tourists, but to be around and drive past we could not. Yes, and you can remove something unconventional.
About this in the next post ...

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