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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 12.

Abu Simbel and fillets.

в Индии

Woke up at half past two nights, slept little and poorly - the heat!
Mini Bus came, something like a squeezed him, well, anything over 75 pounds and can be patient ... Several buses traveling to Abu Simbel, got together and went on a chain, under police escort.

4:00 on the sands, the desert to the horizon, and finally Abu Simbel (pronounced as the Egyptians).
On inspection of the temples was given only a half hour. A ticket to the temples 95 pounds, no holes in the fence, guard armed to the teeth and nemeryannom.
Everywhere the crowds do not give penetrate the essence of the place ...

Protection inside to prevent any attempt to photograph. Pinned on the sly "fisheye" and became a phot blindly, out of Tishkov.

Here is the little man was accompanying a disabled security guard.
Seeing me with fotikom, threw his disability and jumped me. To help him galloped two more and let us all together to hiss at me! I had to hide for a while ..

Why such a secret then they have on the walls - can anyone know?
I think the reason for the ban on photography and the preservation of banal images, or their mysterious contents have nothing to do with it.
Just at the entrance to the same security guards have established a small business ourselves phot everyone for the money!

As I have not concealed, one of the guards caught me in time replace the card and within 5 minutes to it that I showed captured. He could not understand what I have already changed the map, and all surprised that there are no pictures. Finally, backward, forcing me to leave the church.

As I understand it - all four statues represent Ramses. (Though more correctly say three ..)

In my face see how today's hot!

In the temple of Nefertari smaller and it is not as agresivnaya.
Frescoes of course drop dead, but their phot many did not - it must be seen live ..
If I could even comment on their contents, as well ...

Well, there seems to punish the Pharaoh of his opponent.

It is hard to imagine that all this before there were many kilometers away and it was sawn into pieces and transported here to protect them from flooding after the construction of the Aswan Dam.

The temple of Ramses.

The temple of Nefertari.

By bus, I was late for 40 minutes, but to my surprise he did not leave. Sori! - All I could tell our driver, but a half hour to check this site - a miser!
Again, going through the endless sands. Occasionally popadyutsya strange building - white balls, antenna, framed as a sci-fi movie. It seems that in the desert something to hide military and Egyptians still amaze the world not only its past but also the future ...

Came to the booths in the church choir on the island of fillets.
We bought tickets for £ 50. and now it turns out that the boat must be paid separately! Again, a divorce! - That's what it means to go with an organized tour ...
Boat to the island in the fillet cost £ 20 per person (80 times more expensive than simply cross the Nile!)
But once in the temple forget about these little things! Place is really amazing!

All well preserved - the innumerable hieroglyphics and bas-reliefs on the walls, statues of gods, and stately columns powerful pylons!

And in 1823, vandals painted on the walls that something like "Vasya was here!"

Well, that tourists in the evening a little, no one does not prevent all of this to look at.

Rose as a hand have someone to destroy such beautiful pictures! As I understand it - for religious reasons ...

But again, the time limit does not see all the detail - we are waiting for the boat and bus ...
We returned to Aswan before dawn. In the evening bid farewell to the innkeeper and began to collect little things.
Tomorrow through Komombo and Edfu try to get to Luxor.

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