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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 11.

в Индии

After leaving the Nubian village, we had no choice but to once again go up the Nile, and again found himself near the tombs of the nobility. Habitual maneuver we rounded the guard post and scrambled up the hill, climbed into the first hole.

Climb, looked at pictures from the bas-reliefs, mouse droppings sniffed, and again descended to the Nile to bathe.
In one of the coves found a secluded den fisherman.

The interior houses a few simple-minded, but everything is at hand, even chicken and lamb over the wall live.
On the one hand, a fisherman, by the way, there is not one finger, but he manages it as a managed economy.

Indiana during the harvesting of palm leaf.

The desert comes close to the left bank of the river, draining everything in its path.

Only the water's edge defending its right to exist reeds, there are many white ibises and herons.

In front of us several islands, including the legendary Elephantine, where the temple of Khnum - baranogolovogo god who created mankind on his potter's wheel.
And there is an ancient nilomer by which measure the level of the Nile. They say that the summer level rises by as much as 7 meters!

Perhaps the name came from Elephantine similarity with elephants huge granite boulders bordering the island.

Is not this famous piece of pink Aswan granite, from which were built by many ancient monuments and obelisks?
Here on the shores of this kind in bulk!

So, slowly, bathing and cooling down, we went to the foot of the mountain on which the mausoleum of the Aga - Khan.
It is full of camels and their pesky hosts, so let them bowl burzhuinskih tourists, and we'll go to the monastery peshochkom Simeon, which is somewhere around here.

probably thinking, well, human, squeezed a few pounds for me, meanie!

On the approaches to the monastery we were met by security and offered tickets to 25 pounds.
Pretending that we are absolutely not interested in the monastery, and here we just walk, it began to crawl around the perimeter.
Good luck to see a fairly low-set window and within minutes were inside.
Now here live only pigeons, the monastery is not valid.

Along the edges of the corridor are monastic cells, something which can be seen painted on the walls of the faces of the saints.

Already evening, and so the monastery was closed to visitors, we do not stop to walk the corridors of his, but very quietly so as not to hear security ...

So what are the locks without a ghost?

After half an hour came out through the same window and walked past the surprised guards. That's monastery looks.
Where are they here on the mountain in the desert took water? Dragged on his back? - Not an easy life of a monk ..

Sun is rolling to the horizon, the drivers returned to their transport camels from the desert to the river, the shadows of the mountains are getting longer ...

.. And sails on the water surface more and more.

Camel-drivers are hoping for easy pickings in the form of fat tourists, but with each passing moment of hope melts.

But no, that's one zhirnenkaya caught!
This I do not mean a cat to her the word "zhirnenkaya" just not true. The typical Egyptian cat, which the ancients depicted in sculptures and paintings.

We have some time could not in any way to sail to the other side - for the crossing asked the big money!
Finally, while I phot mushers and cats, Lech famously agreed with a young kid, the boatman, "for free" (the first HydroStop in Egypt!), And here we are on the right bank at Aswan.
Gave the guy on the memory 10-ruble Russian coin - he was happy!

Lech sfotal me right on the waterfront after the crossing.
With hunger rushed to search for something to eat and to lehinoy joy, it was fulvic, which he had long wanted to try.
But first, we ordered a fried fish, and while waiting for its yield, observed the fans, watching a football match on television.

The fish was nothing but a long-awaited appearance on fulvic was a viscous mass ponosnogo color and almost the same smell (sorry for details ..)
Leahy has apparently were still very much alive the memories of the beautiful foule, eaten them somewhere in Syria, so his plate, he umyal almost without looking. I had tasted a couple of spoons, a greater dared not for fear of tempting fate, until now for us in terms of medical ex-supportive.
This concludes our gastronomic adventures were not over. Sensing a delicious scent, they decided to buy a hotel with a couple of pieces that look like either pizza, or on spring rolls - I can not remember the name! - But at the same time and watch the processes that use their manufacture. I liked the process!
And pay attention to the adolescent with a person of Pharaoh (the one that "egipshen-Man"), at least so I imagine it yourself!

As they walked to the hotel, fulvic began a show!
Suddenly, his face a grimace of pain Leahy appeared and he began to frantically look around for something on the sides, probably a secluded place.
Then he suffered through the night and a couple of days have been echoes of that same fulya, of which he dreamed of!

We saw a modern church, but it was already closed, do not fall into ...
Admire the night Neil and trudged into the hotel.

Right by the hotel keeper paid for tomorrow's trip to Abu Simbel - £ 75 (370 rubles., Temples for a fee), and went to bed, tomorrow morning rise to 4-30, and now this fulvic (

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