Saturday, September 24, 2011

[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 10.

Nubian Village.

в Индии

Why such vivid combination of colors, no color scheme, as opposed to whether the monotony of the desert environment?

Planned today to get to Abu Simbel, but our plans are covered with a copper basin (pelvis and here:)
From early morning to the bus station poperlis, it was not close - I had zastopit donkey.
As they say - on the donkey bezrybe - transportation!

Should not have come - the bus in Abu Simbel walks every day and there only delayed by 1 hour, but this just is not enough for inspection.
Spend the night there, they say, is very expensive, the purely tourist.
All caught up - necessarily buy a ticket for a tour and you will go along with the mattress, accompanied by a patrol.
But now it's only tomorrow, but where to now? Sailed again on the other side to get to the Nubian village, which yesterday saw the mountain.

From the marina went along the Nile gardens, but this guy here and we figured out - as always with a proposal to lift, as always refused.

It seems that the village is painted for the needs of tourists - paint is not spared.

Already accustomed to, that men are generally in white, is not all ...

Perhaps these colors should be a little bit to create a sense of coolness and freshness, when the thermometer at 50!

Vaughn and the entire ship of the desert is dry at this hell, or just not being fed?

Local to us hardly noticed, apparently our view is not promised to any economic benefit.
Nothing else to do their filmed on video.

He looked into the courtyard - a woman hiding in the shadows. When he saw me and called, apparently a daughter.

From a short conversation, learned that this young woman is now studying in Europe, and here came home on leave.
It was obvious that she really wants to talk, speak in English.
Calls for tea and invites into the house. Bite my elbow - first knowledge of English is not so large, and secondly - Lech gone far ahead, and we lost him.

Mother came up with a little girl, too, is calling.
I had to give up and still catch up with Lech.

Under such a sun-baked bricks, and without a good stove, it seems to just mold and lay it on the street.

Passed by, he heard children's voices behind a high fence. He lifted the camera up and pressed a button - probably elementary school. School children are older, or rather their reaction when a man - a European, you might have seen on previous videos.

Would know what is written here, because clearly what the text is ...

Noon and already people on the street units - all are hiding from the heat.
And those who do not hide, ask us baksheesh - gourmet spoiled by tourists.
Well, we have no patience for long enough - drank the last drops of water, zastopili truck and returned to the crossing.

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