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[kl-bogel] Melawat bumi firaun 1

в Индии

Do not write in LJ more than a month.
I begin a story about a trip to Egypt. What could be more banal than Egypt! - You will say.
Maybe I can show him a little on the other hand.
Why "votsyurneym"? Because this phrase, I now clearly associated with Egypt - an issue that we have heard here than a dozen times daily! "So ...

My friend Lech Semenov from Yaroslavl, a seasoned hitchhiker, invited me to go online with it for 3 weeks in Egypt. A couple of days we booked tickets to Cairo, and a week later were at the airport in Cairo.
Already on the plane with the height we were able to estimate the size of this giant metropolis. We flew at night and a sea of ​​lights below us flew for 20 minutes, although maybe it was not the Cairo and villages in the Nile Valley.

Egypt welcomed us warmly 24 (and night), stupefied head warm wind, exotic fragrances and shouts back to earth many taxi drivers and helpers, on duty at the airport.
One helper stood beside us for about 20 minutes while we slowly dressed, put in order backpacks, drinking tea, and all hoping to help us, such as a taxi to the city for 20 s. We just went to the lounge and superb pokemarili there on the bench, good mats and sleeping bags we have always with you. In the morning it is easy to find your bus stop and got 40 minutes to the center of Cairo, Tahrir Square for 1 pound from the nose, ie, 5 rubles. in our opinion.

Next I'll try to remember where, indicate what and how much is in Egypt - who can come in handy.
Although the price here depends primarily on your vigilance, or I should say razvodoustoychivosti as "divorce" in Egypt for people of European appearance - the notion of fundamental and pursues during their stay in this country.
Since different methods of divorce, faced us, I also try to introduce you.

And to show "the other pyramids," and their in Egypt about 100 pieces.!, Tell how to get all of Egypt on a train for 250 rubles. Together we climb into the underground tombs and where tourists are not allowed to be finite, and temples and bas- where do without them? , Will discuss the most distant point - an oasis of Siwa and dunes Africa, will show the magnificent mosques and city garbage.
From City garbage so tempted to start, I think there were not many out there, but all in order!

Today we just came. At the exit of the bus we were immediately caught and tried to bring a helper to the hotel twice in the fifth, he finally realized that we did not need his services.
Half an hour wandering the surrounding streets and found the hotel "Swiss" on the 4th floor - £ 60 (300 rubles) for a double room.
150 rub. Chela with a night in the city center! As it turned out - that's not the cheapest option, the higher the floor - the roof of our house deshevle.Na bekpekersky Hostel - £ 50 for a double room, with shower and toilet and a number of vayfay there. Here, we settled at the end of our trip before flying to Moscow. For now, just came to see Cairo from above.
We saw mainly trash roofs, balconies and a huge number of satellite dishes, an indispensable attribute of any Asian city.



so looks like the roof of our hotel - a comfortable place bekpekerskoe.


in Cairo, a lot of old buildings in colonial style. Next to our hotel was one such-like palace. each day went by and traded with the guard, who asked too much baksheesh for the entrance there. the building being renovated. fence is not high-climbing, had to withdraw from a distance.


walked on foot across the bridge over the Nile to the island, a pretty decent quarter here, far from well-off.



The famous Cairo Tower, in the evening she colored with colored running lights, the money to go upstairs, pozhaleli.Progulyalis along the Nile, listen to classical music in the park and drove to downtown - the old part of town.


So far got dark. Simply strolled the streets and be stunned by the local color, an incredible rush around, huge numbers of people and machines.


The building of interesting architecture, one of the corners are so sharp, it seems that it is flat.


eating on the run, on the hood of cars - a common occurrence.


everything around something being dragged somewhere!




a cup of tea - that's what they like to do in your spare time Eastern men.



but it seems like every vendor of tea


fenced patch of his bags, and no one is pushing ..


street trading is vengeance, although a couple of times seen as the police trying to fight with it - organize raids.
traders quickly clew up the goods, but after leaving the police everything returns to normal.


although how you can quickly assemble a product such as this?




people and machines come in a single thread, or any rules of the road not in principle, subject to the instinctive movements, it seems around the chaos. Strange, but accidents per stay in Egypt, we have not seen.
Although neet, lie - once kissed two machines in one fell off the bumper, drove out, shrugged, shook his head, then sat down and went further. cops in our understanding here, sometimes come across some traffic control, but they have few people pay attention.


sells kitchen knives



sell gypsum plate, perhaps with quotations from the Koran ..


huge number of different workshops, despite the late hour, work in progress, because the day is too hot, impossible to work.









most looked at us with great interest, call for tea. Europeans in Cairo almost no feel about movie stars - this kind of attention we were not expecting thirst for contact with the local population limitless!


such views - the exception, generally all very friendly!


sugar cane now and will ship be taken to the shop, where fresh juice will do.


painfully, he wanted to sfotatsya a foreigner, Lech we filmed.



A quarter of trade only fabrics.



then comes the quarter lights, etc.


remove all not allowed to ...




rain is almost never, so that the product is in the open air, they are overwhelmed with all the streets.


but cars can not pass like that and here ..




a picture can also be seen frequently - two men hold each other tenderly by the hand and walk so - what is it?




women with burdens on their heads around why we have not caught on, in my opinion very comfortable posture and produced!


who then finds the money, and someone is praying ...


Actually, people are very temperamental and fun!


can not be said about this street cooks ..


but his cakes with fillings, we still tried .- not sharp, we ate and puckered so that other people laughed at us!


a cashier, puts money in a wooden box. near hawker of tea, how they manage to wear it on your head and do not shed!




and this tea with some snacks then - pomegranate seeds and grass




this one just blue - out as nails makeup. and pryavlyal us high interest!


wandered into the night, then something like come to the metro (about a separate story) and got to his hotel.
on the verge of not very vigilant doorman, right, and what stands out here especially for you!


We saw and saluted the former apparently retired fighter, well, everything as we have!
and we went to bed ....

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