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[kl-bogel] Mari melawat bumi firaun 19.

Siwa oasis.

в Индии

The most mysterious and most remote oasis of Siwa Egypt until recently was closed to tourists because of the unrest in the adjoining Libyan border, to which is only 50 km.

Green Island in a sea of ​​sand has more than 300 000 trees and tens of thousands of olive trees.
This is where the ruins of the Temple of Amon-Ra, where once there was an oracle, which confirmed the status of Alexander the Great as a god, and predicted a great victory of the World Conqueror.

It is this oasis was our next goal ...

Even at the entrance of our train to Mersa Matruh on the horizon was the flickering blue sea and we decided to go on arrival must be expiated. After several hours, sanded, and dust the car to do it was very worthwhile ..

Determine the direction of the sea from the train station at Mersa Matruh was easy, even did not ask - just go into a downward relief and after 20 minutes were on shore.

Beach Matruh excellent! The main thing - no one screaming, "Know, mister! Ticket! Close!"

At the very wide beach, only a few local, including a couple of Arab lovers.

I had to carefully conceal the camera, take as an Arab woman, and even on the beach, and even in the presence of a gentleman - the reaction could be controversial!

The girl hesitated for a long time to enter the water, then to make it even does without changing their attire.

A few minutes later, they frolicked in the water, allowing some freedom, that was amazing to see, waiting as usual more restraint in the behavior of people of Muslim faith.

The thing apparently in the absence of witnesses, and we were a good distance.
And in the end - people lose their heads out of love, regardless of faith or nationality!

Clear blue water, though the sea is not red, and the Mediterranean, the pure white sand and no people - stuck here an hour and a half!
On the way back to the station which tasted delicious cakes that filled in - Mersa Matruhski and then drove to the bus station and got tickets for 16-00 hours at 17 pounds per person.

It was the only stop on the way - but we do not see any other cafes, and in general the buildings the whole way.
Got off the bus and could not tear his eyes away from the alluvial diamonds in the black desert sky.

Soon it got dark. The road through the desert as straight as an arrow.

Carrier, straight after which I sat, almost continuously that it is very loudly told his companion, who sat beside him.
They are something loudly discussed, laughed, but I got the camera - that he, his eyes on his head? - As their conversation stopped instantly!
We arrived at Siwa in the evening.

On the main street full of people, past every second sweep cars, motorcycles, what is tarantayki, carts with donkeys.
With hoots and bibikanem drove several cars filled with people, kids, it sounds loud music, fireworks thundering shots - it looks like a wedding!
And so we thought - we were met:)

Even at the bus stop in the desert, watching the stars, we met with Mahmoud - a local resident, speaking good English.
Upon arrival, he advised us to the hotel "Palm Tress," and even carried her almost to the door - and it was not a divorce!
Said goodbye without baksheesh! A day later, we somehow met him on the street - and were greeted like an old good friend!

The hotel is situated in a quiet street, very close to a bike shop and hire - it is convenient.

We paid 35 pounds per room is $ 100 less per person on our money!
The view from our room in the hotel courtyard.

Number card for the money has got a decent enough and we have to celebrate that save, eat fried chicken in the street with greenery.
At the same time I was so starved that managed to break his teeth - although claims were not chicken!
So for the next video you'll hear my lisp comments!

Long the night, but how can you sleep when I came to this place!
The easiest was to try to climb the mountain on which the fortress of Shali.

On the road we came across, despite the late hour, open salt store.
Here, the whole selling tableware and lamps made from local salt, said to be very useful for health ...

At night in the fortress of anyone - go yourself to countless ladders as much as admire the panorama and the glowing lights of the oasis!

Fortress of Shali, stood a couple of centuries, until one day - in 1926, it is not washed away by overnight rain.

Indeed, the present rain in these parts, but still heavy - unthinkable! and this fact must have been perceived as a local car heaven!

As yet, this fortress is preserved and not destroyed at all? - So soft, the sun dried out under the eternal rock, from which the sculpted walls of former houses - just crumbles in your hands!

Many dilapidated houses now fitted under the sheds for poultry and livestock, as well as small warehouses.
In general, all above reminds mound!

Back to the hotel late at night.
Oddly enough - many shops are open, but their owners are enthusiastically watching TV football.
And as you close it! - Fruits and vegetables laid out on the street!

We're surprised - no one protects, complete communism! With our European way of thinking it seems incredible!

Guests of the hotel - basically the same as we are backpackers - bed is also not in a hurry.
Until late at night sitting in a cozy courtyard near the fountain, for cane tables in the shade of huge trees, with a hookah and free Wi-FEMA and probably every other scribbling notes in the LJ, as now I do it ...
Only I, unlike them, it is high time to escape.

The next time I try to show the same fortress of Shali, only during the day, well, and visit other interesting places of the oasis of Siwa!

Read now own scribbling, and was surprised the number of exclamation marks!
So what to do, so these are my emotions associated with memories of this place, nothing will not fix:)

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