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[kl-bogel] Mari melawat bumi firaun 16.


в Индии

I think that now there is this portrait does not hang. There - it's on a street in Alexandria, where we stopped for a few days before heading to the oasis of Siwa.

After the Luxor had planned to go to Quseir - a little-known city to the Russians on the Red Sea coast.
First, get to Kefta where you had to change trains. May stand there late at night and in spite of the abundance of minibuses, could not agree with anyone - all refer to problems with the police and refuse to put us together with the local.
Offer to drive individually - for £ 200! Too much honor.!
As a result, instead of Quseir went to Hurghada, tickets £ 30.
On the way asleep, went to 2 am. Found vrayone Station Hotel - 45 p per room.

Locals say - HARDAGA.
Nothing interesting here we do not expect to see, the main goal - after wavering all kinds of hot and dusty temples and dungeons - Nakupavshis plenty, rest and gain strength.
Found a small piece of no man's land between the beach hotels and two days here relaxing.
On the first day we tried to drive up the guards of both neighboring hotels - know, mister! Close! - Well, as always! But seeing our zero reaction, then calmed down.

Roamed in the evening on the seaside boulevard, ate in local fish restaurant (three times cheaper than similar dishes at the cafe for tourists) ...

The video can be viewed as a local dish prepared FELAFEL.

... Looked at the luxurious yachts in the harbor.
Ah, had we more decent form of arrogance and more - ask to be in - to see and take pictures inside!

Next we go through the Suez Canal to Alexandria. Ticket to Suez 45 pounds.
We drove through the night along the Red Sea. Endless construction giant tourist complexes, the whole city hotels at sea - oil rigs, wind farms, at the entrance to the Suez fantastic looking plants, illuminated by lights .- sad that nothing could remove, we drove non-stop.

In the Suez hardly find a car with fellow travelers to Alexandria - an old Peugeot with backpacks on the roof - and 7-30 in the morning were in place.

Egyptians themselves called the Alexandria in his own way - sounds like ISKANDERIYYA - it is clear that is named in honor of the Iskander-Alexander of Macedon.

According to the guidebook Krotovskomu found a hotel on the waterfront - 30 pounds per room.
To cheer up after a sleepless night, drank strong tea and went for a walk along the promenade towards the fort Kai Bay.

Along the shores of the bay a lot of colorful boats.

The fisherman mending his net.

Shop where they make models of ships.
At Fort Kai-Bay is full of people, but the Europeans do not see in most Arab youth.

Look at their body language, manner of which they then get up with your fingers!

Girls, apparently, the city - in the province of the raznotsvetya we have not seen. Yes, and quite different behavior - screaming, laughing, vanity!

And with what delight they fotkat!

This character is not to fuss, he immersed himself in, continuously muttering to himself what is prayer.

Someone just Rybalov on the shore ....

who then retired - probably the best friend ...

Inside the fort did not go, do not want to wander among the crowds of tourists.
They looked at the market near the waterfront - it's full of all the fish, but mostly fine ...

Periodically sprayed it with water, that seemed fresher.

Wandered into the shipyard, where they make the big yachts and small boats.
On board some boats painted eyes - maybe for their owners is not just a piece of iron or wood, but something more?

Sailors. Just saw my camera - just a categorical ban on shooting! , Barely managed one click ..

The ultimate goal of today's walks were to be the catacombs - an extensive network of underground tunnels, open to the public. So far they have come up, it was already dark and the guard would not let us - as always - come tomorrow ..

Nearby poor neighborhoods began, well, we went over them wander ...

Although the city, and all sorts of vehicles, carriage, carriages - Full Time!

It seems to Alexandria - a large city, and on the street - is such a farm ..

Mobile oil lamp - once and did not realize to what is intended ..

On the roadway, of course, a complete mess!

We sat down into the first city bus.
Obilechivaet's a cashier, it is important to sitting in the middle of the cabin.

Guys, apparently returning from school, so eager to talk with us!
First, a long time talking and laughing, looking at us, then one still dare to speak in English, showed us his book.
Both constantly smiling! - Open such good-natured guys!

In general, in Egypt are very appreciated and loved football - you can see from the way in street cafes crowd gathered to see the matches
On this day, apparently, has won the Egyptian team, fans pours his emotions through the doors and windows passing cars!

But here the emotions on the origin ...

Guy, seeing us, beaming smile - it was impossible not to photograph!

On this walk through the slums of Alexandria is not finished - will continue next time from the same place!

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