[kl-bogel] Jerusalem Knights joust

He was in Jerusalem at the joust. Strong in body and spirit lads were cut with swords, shields or on billboards, and without. The first time I saw it live Ivanhoe.

(38 photos)



3. It takes place in the Museum actively Ein Yael in Jerusalem. Knights and their iron horses.

4. Producer of the festival, also known as Marshal in the upcoming matches Gregory Tamar read the rules.

5. According to the rules for the victory to the opponent to inflict several blows to the helmet. Dent on the show that is applied from the heart.

6. In my opinion, this is not entirely reliable reconstruction. Mini at the time had not yet opened. But this girl liberty in dealing with the history of no harm :)


8. Eugene - Mongolian warrior armor repairs. Generally speaking, armor bought from gunsmiths in Russia, and mend their own and very often. Especially in the battle gets the gloves, helmets and shields too often can not withstand shocks.

9. Eyes on the banner.

10. Before fights, sword master explains the kids how to use weapons. And those happy and - waving from the heart.

11. Oh, look, knights!

12. Remodel - so all. And the dishes, and meals. Those who want to buy a bowl of soup knight. Barley, chicken, quite frankly, not luxury. But many bought - Forest to feel the atmosphere.

13. Fitting armor. Then the armor will be removed - up to the bout. Otherwise, a 30-degree heat, you can simply collapse with heat stroke. To avoid serious injuries, participants wore the armor of mounted knights, and then the thick jacket (like jackets), and tight pants, and a couple of balaclavas, and more iron than the foot soldier. Holding out in the sun in such attire can be quite long.

14. Invited to the tournament Israeli league gunsmiths. Swords they do not, in general, hunting knives. In my opinion, the big success of their products in that day did not use - not the most suitable product for members of historical reconstruction.

15. Begins! Crusader - Denis Zlatopolsky, co-chairman and head coach. A lovely lady, who keeps his sword, as I understand it, his daughter.

16. Duel with a short sword and buckler - a small shield. Fencing techniques taken from Fechtbuch - textbook written in the XIV and XV century.

17. And this is a fight for polutoraruchnyh swords - the most traumatic, as the battle goes on without shields.

18. In such an outfit, even just standing in the sun Greys, and yet still have a sword swing.

19. A spectator.

20. Marshal following the progress of the match. Commands are given to behold the red and blue of the stick - not chopped heat of the moment, if you approach closely :) There is the touch judges.

21. And it does not seem quite authentic attire. Yes, and cameras in the XV century, were not so tiny.



24. Sweat rolls hail. In addition, Oleg was a heavy blow on the arm. But the fight he still drove to the end.




28. Weight categories are respected, but as participants in a bit, then pick up a fully equal to the physical parameters of the opponent is not easy.


30. Knight in blue finally relented. Received a strong blow on the hand, remembered that in real life he tattooist, and that the injury will have to forget about work, and would prefer not to continue the fight.

31. It seems that the tournament brought together reenactors from all periods. And in general - freaks of Jerusalem came to Ein Yael almost at full strength.

32. This is our knight in weight pen.


34. They somehow have been the most elegant.

35. This heavyweight. Eugene - 150 kg, its rival - 125.




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