Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[kl-bogel] Geiranger Fjord. Norway.


Norway is famous for its fjords. Today, some pictures, perhaps the most beautiful of them - Geiranger Fjord!

One of the attractions of Geiranger Fjord are waterfalls, the most famous of which - the Seven Sisters, Bridal Veil and Groom))

Our boat is very close to the rocks and water that seemed about to fall on the side ...

In Geiranger Fjord is the eponymous village, almost all the inhabitants of which, not surprisingly, working in the tourism industry ... Every year, here comes more than 100 vessels ...

Along the Geiranger Fjord also found an abandoned farm, some of which are located in small areas of mountain ledges, so you can get to them only on special ladder ...

A very beautiful country and wonderful nature!

Something like that today!

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