[kl-bogel] Fresh and sharp smell of the sea on an oyster dish in the ice ...

LJ user oskinpavel wrote in his blog: France welcomed us smart views and, although the main purpose of our trip was to explore the beauties of Aquitaine, I could not stand and stopped on the way to capture the surrounding beauty, sun, clouds, rain, mountains, greenery, breathtaking ! I took off, looking forward to new experiences, new cities, new tastes. France-a my country, I can not speak good French, and here I feel like a fish in water. The French know how to preserve the beauty, are able to enjoy, are able to feel the nuances, subtleties and nuances, and so I just opened a new page for a book "In Search of Excellence ..."

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1. Base for exploring the Aquitaine Biarritz we have chosen, firstly because the rest of our friends here, and secondly, in the future we plan to go to Spain and Portugal. I will write about Biarritz separately, because the first two days were held in alcoholic oblivion from the joy of long-awaited meeting, I did accordingly and kept in those days. On the third day we realized it was time to stop, collected zhopki a fist and went to Aquitaine. We started with the famous dunes of Pyla.

2. Grand natural wonder lay down to 3 km. between the ocean and pine forest near the famous town of Arcachon. It is not only the largest but also the highest dune in Europe, somewhere around 110 m. We got there early enough, but people were already full, I figured on sleeping bags that many people here just live day, enjoying the gorgeous views ...


4. Tanyuska could not resist and succumbed to the temptation to run on the sand, although these were mainly kids and dogs. I too would probably run, but in my head is still bubbling ...

5. People walked, walked, sat, enjoying life until the heat has not yet begun bake. Of course, it is difficult photos to convey the immensity of the land of the mini-desert. Ideally, shoot it from the air, but such things should be planned in advance, so I took off a little and gather your favorite podopnul in Arcachon. Hangover gone over to the stomach and wanted to fill their belly arkashonskimi legendary oyster!




9. In Arcachon, we arrived around 11 and already here we face unpleasant disappointment is all the restaurants started out at 12-00, we went around to pieces 10. Hangover always gives me persistently, but all was in vain, and we decided to turn the beach into the city, take pictures of the beautiful mansions, which abounds in Arcachon! And then, finally sudbinushka patted us on the coat, in the yard of a nearby house was a kind of "vegetable stall," which sported a sign "oysters. direct sales. " Grandmother, God dandelion, happily informed us that all will be happy to find oysters and little white holodnenkogo. I did not know, poor thing, that we are 3 dozen with his beloved only to eat a warm-up. generally chained to my grandmother cutting oysters for 40 minutes and probably happy to glut oneself, the most expensive and delicious oysters it cost 6 euros for a dozen ... Where is justice, where??

10. Nalopavshis from the heart, we went to take the city. I think architects should start to haul in Arcachon on the tour. Each house-work of art! and although of course they are all-Novodels, we enjoyed aesthetically. A Tanyuska found a deserted mini-palace, and hops in her head said that she would be a rich man, he would certainly have bought her this house. I heartily sympathized with her ...








In general, Arcachon left a favorable impression, and those who do not need a huge wave, and encouraged the peace and quiet, I would advise to go to Arcachon. Pine trees, golden sand and the ocean breeze. Begin to write poetry, as Anna Akhmatova, whose lines I have learned in the post title, so well they capture the spirit of this place!

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