[kl-bogel] Eating in restaurants in Odessa

Today we travel to Odessa, where he continued his study of local restaurants and signature dishes that are out there cooking. For those who still do not see a bite is not recommended :)

(37 photos)

1. In the morning we go into the cafe Varenychna Alpina on the Richelieu, 38, this is how it looks from the outside

2. Go and order to start Shurpa lamb. What is interesting here is delicious ... and almost 2 times less than what I was trying to Yaremche

3. Enough! Zakazuem more broth

4. To it is assumed two patties with meat (not much, honestly)

5. Next we turn to - "Continental Breakfast", well, everything is standard

6. And toast with ham to it

7. Well what breakfast without beer?

8. What do we have next? Steak? Aha!

9. So beautiful :) And, of course, delicious!

10. Anything else? But what? Salmon with vegetables and kartohoy

11. Out there in vegetables

12. And finally, "Napoleon" (vkusnyy!)

13. Well, after that we proceed here in the restaurant "Bulvar" that an area of ​​St. Catherine, 1

14. At the entrance we were met by a boat of watermelons!

15. The interior is good there!

16. Since we went there just to drink coffee in Irish, a lot of dishes here you will not show. The next time when I'm in Odessa - discuss in more detail on their menu :)

17. Well, that did not get up twice, order a watermelon and ice cream, probably directly from the boats at the entrance :)

18. Leaving, again look at the cool interior

19. And went to third on today institution - the cafe picnic, in the street Ekaterinienskoy, 23.

20. The interior here is also good

21. What shall we order? Shrimp! Tasty.

22. Hodgepodge (normal)

23. Spaghetti carbonara, (very tasty!), With smoked bacon

24. Zapem this case beer from the Odessa private brewery. True beer here I do not particularly like it, too tasteless, watery.

25. With sorrow drink bourbon Jack Daniels! :) Here it is very good!

26. To celebrate, will order more myaska with vegetables

27. And in the end is unreal tasty tiramisu! Highly recommended!

28. Speaking of beer. In Odessa, I recommend drinking Kalush, it is still tasty :) Take an evening a few bottles? ;)

29. The next day start with a restaurant, "Good Beer" on the Richelieu, 60. There he meets us

30. We will order a little early for Varshtaynera

31. And to him rapanov in cream! Delicious!

32. Pancakes with meat

33. Chalagach (pork on the bone) there was so these great, that I almost did not eat now monitor, looking at this picture! :)

34. And there is also good steak, but still better chalagach :)

35. More will order an appetizer salad made of tofu with herbs and olives:)

36. And something for dessert, I forgot what it is called

37. Finally we drink coffee, a pretty here it!


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