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[kl-bogel] Chest collection

The apartment passport to the new name, a house in Florence, chainsaw and other blessings of civilization, you can get with an artificial breast augmentation. Velikanova recorded Marina and Lily Bylich. Photographer Barbara Vedeneeva.

Irina, age unknown

Lawyer, specializing in civil matters, is currently working

Size before surgery: 1
Size after surgery: 9

"Once I lived in a provincial town and worked at the police station. Almost stupefied by this dull, routine work. Quickly run away from there to Moscow. But there are so many beautiful girls! With me were 90 kg net weight, small boobs, flat ass and deadpan. And who am I needed? Immediately ran to lose weight and save money for the operation - realized that only with beautiful breasts I can get things done. Itself thin by 20 killogrammov: worked at home on tape, wrapped in foil. After the first operation, the chest was 2.5. After the second - the 5th, it has already paid me a fan. Now do not even know what my size, I think - the 9th, and the volume - more than 100 cm I just went to the doctor, said: "Give me the biggest implants!" I am the way, long discouraged: my- that chest is small, not enough tissue could rupture, then the solution of the implant would get into the body, and it is instant death But some years I do not work, I contain my favorite man. Chest gave me an apartment on Kutuzov, the house in Florence, a few cars with diamonds, the opportunity to travel and to help their parents. I became famous. I have photographed in a yellow paper, after the TV show was invited to a recent American company offered a major role in a series of erotic films about the Russian girl. How could I dream about this? Only here the friends I lost after surgery. First stop in to invite guests, then a meeting with me began to come without men. After seeing the effect produced my tits, I decided to change and everything else - had her waist, pumped ass, changed shape of the nose, lips increased. By the way, my surgeon gave her waist as a bonus for two operations on his chest. I woke up after anesthesia, and my back hurts. The doctor says, "Well, you would like the waist? Here we are you and pulled out a couple of ribs. " The only thing that I did not do any of that - it's pulling up and my teeth. I can not stand the pain. "

Victoria, 25 years old

Manager, entrepreneur, dancer

Size before surgery: 1.5
Size after surgery: 4

"If it were not for plastic surgery, maybe I would not help now homeless animals. It all began with an unsuccessful operation. I used to work in an office in a managerial position, thanks to bright appearance occasionally acted in movies, but it was just a hobby. I just always been attracted to creativity in the entertainment business, and with long-term view, I decided to have cosmetic surgery. In 2005, I increased the breast. Everything was fine. And then with a friend I started a business. Two years ago gave partner, threw me, escaped, and three huge bank loan hanging on me. To make a quick profit, and somehow pay off, I decided to go dancing. This is my childhood good at it - I studied ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, grasping movements. But in order to dance in clubs, it was necessary to adjust the appearance. So I decided to make my lips and nose. And then disaster struck. As I entered the mouth of poor quality product that does not dissolve, but froze lumps. Total there were lumps of 40-50, which had to be cut, and no one was taken for it. In the end, I found a surgeon. I have seven operations. After them, from the lips of almost nothing left. I had to increase them again, and again unsuccessfully! The doctor is not calculated that I have left scars after surgery, and the gel will not spread evenly. I have entered is too large a dose, the gel was about between the upper lip and nose ... I was turned down in all the clubs, I myself could not even speak. I closed the house and started a terrible depression. Nobody helped. That's when I decided to help herself and the needy: was to go to a shelter, bought food and medicine for animals. After all, when life is good, you do not think about those who are ill. Over time, I still found a doctor - although it had to take another loan, and now my lips, of course, still need adjustment, they do not look so bad. Again, I started dancing in clubs, slowly give credit, getting a second education. I plan to start their own home. And again, there is a perception that the operation is made by people far away. I want to dispel this myth. I have two degrees (first - designer clothes, the second - television presenter), now I'm writing a diploma. I want to do such a project - a program for homeless animals, such as "Wait for me" but about the dogs. There will come people who have picked up their pets on the street, or, conversely, have lost. Animal world at the moment - the most insecure minority. "

Julia, 42

Psychoanalyst daunshifter witch

Size before surgery: 1
Size after surgery: 2

"My chest gives me a feeling of harmony with each other. Although I did it more for the kids to be proud of a beautiful mother ... After six kids, which I myself brought up from the chest remains something sad, and I just decided to fix it. Well, you're going to the dentist when your teeth loose. So I reacted to the surgery. Inserted implants itself, and there is a neat chest. I figure sports, I did not have huge boobs. I do like the size of his first return, but the doctor persuaded me to do a little more. Kids do not know about the operation, only knew that my mother was in hospital. But the girls have noticed some changes, and discussed it among themselves. And then came up to me and said they wanted the same breast, when they grow up. Actually, I'm on the formation of the psychoanalyst, but a few years ago went to the village as daunshifter heard about these? With her first husband, a father of six children, we have been divorced. The second left after we adopted the seventh child. But it's for the better! I am now a man just would prevent, I'm soon going to a witch. You do not worry, I do not do magic - it just means that I was in charge of a large family, I also already have grandchildren. A witch - it's in Slavic mythology, the state of enlightenment. And it helps my breast to achieve enlightenment. Now we live as God would. Older children can help and good people. I also write books and articles. For your free magazine agreed to give an interview ... But if you donate a chainsaw, it will be good and then we broke down. "

Eric, 28 years old


Size before surgery: 0
Size after surgery: 2.5

"Breast turned me, a shy young man in the Caucasus, in the relaxed, beautiful woman. I grew up in Nalchik, in a military family. Dad wanted his son to become submariners, named in honor of my deceased friend, but I always felt like a girl. My school did not even beaten, they said, what with this silly take? When I started to paint and wear women's clothes, my father gave me an assistant superintendent at the construction site to make me a real man. But I came back in shorts and a pink T-shirt and platform shoes. Thank you parents that have not abandoned me, but to live in Nalchik, I could not. Went to Moscow, took some hut. Worked the first time in a brothel, had been saving money for the operation. I cost more than regular girls, but still had to work for five years. And I also read in high school in the medical encyclopedia that with me. Then decided: to die, but will do the operation. First, did chest as I myself is very thin, too healthy then decided not to do. I then knew nothing about these transactions, and thank God - and then from her friends had heard so many horror! One crooked done, the other - different sizes, a third broke the implant, the fourth after anesthesia did not wake up. If I knew all this then, maybe it would not have gone. By the way, I've noticed: those who have long questioned the operation, he is afraid of those always something bad happens. With me, everything went like a song in 45 minutes. Before surgery, I saw hormones, so I have already shaped by beautiful breasts - though the entire first size, but the men she liked. I inserted the implant under the mammary gland. This is better than under muscles - then boobs are too high and do not move when walking, and I wanted to just hanging like a natural. The result was a very beautiful symmetrical breasts. On the third postoperative day in the club, I jumped for joy! Chest was my first step, and then I removed myself a member. Doctors diagnosed me - the nuclear kind, that is pure, true transsexual. Moreover, even the surgeon managed to save me an orgasm. I recently changed her name and passport. Now I work as a dancer in the show: trance hard to get to serious work, as many men on the passport. Someone leads a double life - by day looks like a man, at night - like a woman. These are called "Centaurs" - not he, not she - not what I am! No man does not know who I was before. Now I think that would be done with the exterior: I want to correct here a little nose, and then a pug it. And the chest or will remove all, or do the 5th dimension. In general, I home-girl: I want to have a family and children. "

Marina, 22 years


Size before surgery: 0
Size after surgery: 3

"Breast gave me a one-bedroom apartment. My own age to let a property can not yet. I've been dancing a long time, for five years, this is my life. Usually, the girls go-go pay depends on their appearance. You come to the casting to the club, where you evaluate and assign a salary. In addition, we have to sew a costume for their own money, clothes and revealing look at the big chest is much better. Tipping is also largely dependent on the forms. So at some point I realized that the zero size for a club dancer looks unpresentable. And decided to take action. Immediately it became three times more work, and I was able to buy a separate house, which had long dreamed of. I have since ordinary family, wealthy parents and patrons there. Earn something else that kind of money today can not be a girl. And I have been dancing since childhood, as well as swimming and athletics, so that the choice of profession was determined early. In the future I dream to open his own school of dance. And yet - work on Friday-Saturday until five in the morning, a box of Power behind the scenes. Do you know how not to get tired, dancing all night? If you look at the ceiling, fall asleep by herself and lull the audience. It is necessary to communicate with visitors, to flirt with them, respond to them. And then takes off like a hand fatigue. "

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