[kl-bogel] Best Photos of National Geographic in August

We offer a selection of the best photos of National Geographic in August.

Best Photos of National Geographic in July

(31 photos)

1. Park Peneda-Geres. In the summer, especially in the weekend, thousands of tourists come to see the crystal clear and cold waters of the rivers and other water bodies Homem. Seasonal influx of visitors this is the real test for the natural environment and inhabitants of the park.

2. For thousands of years in the deserts of Namibia by the wind created by the highest dunes in the world, due to the fact that the sand contains a high amount of iron oxide, they are red. The soil is so dry that there is growing only a few plant species that are particularly hardy and have adapted to such conditions. A short distance from the dunes can be seen that the "Big Daddy", a height of 400 meters.

3. Baghdad. Pilgrims in the Shiite shrine - the Temple of Al-Qasim, who for long years of war almost hurt.

4. Coast of British Columbia. Seaweed and starfish purple at the bottom of the ocean.

5. North China. Buddha on the stock of coal. After two or three decades, coal reserves are exhausted in the country, and China will have to find alternative sources of energy heating with coal.

6. Dublin, Ireland. Memorial, which was erected in memory of the famine in 1845.

7. Portugal. Symbiosis wilderness and civilization, in the Peneda-Geres - national park, where every day is solved a difficult task: to protect nature, taking visitors.

8. Yemen. Dudzhood Ali fled from his old and very ill husband, when she was ten, after she went to Sin City Court. After such an act and the trial it became a national heroine in the struggle for women's rights. After obtaining a divorce she returned to her family and returned to school.

9. Portugal. The ruins of ancient settlements, which were flooded during the construction of hydropower stations in the lake when the water level falls, they emerge above the water. The national park has a variety of attractions built by mankind - from medieval castles to modern resorts.

10. Dipper, which is the mother of two bear cubs, climbs the apple tree to get a little fruit. At a time when very little salmon, the bears are looking for other foods, which are most often, such as mussels, roots and berries.

11. Burma. Fishermen on Inle Lake to paddle their feet to their hands free. This kind of entertainment for the visiting tourists who wanted to see the country untouched by civilization.

12. Above the bed opens up a very lively panorama of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. In order to get a picture with super fine photographer placed in a room camera, open, for five hours, the shutter. To draw the final image, he used a prism.

13. Turkish family of nomadic pastoralists, who have for centuries, grazing their herds in this part of the Fertile Crescent. Cattle grazing on the slopes of the volcano Karak Doug situated 110 km from Gobekli Tepe - archeological monuments, it is there for the first time, alleged to geneticists, people began to grow wheat. Domestication of domestic goats and sheep, and was first utilized here.

14. A very rare picture of Cleopatra, which is located in the wall of the temple Denedre. On this terrain queen of the pharaoh is acting, presenting gifts to the gods. Cleopatra's son by Julius Caesar, whose image is present here, was done in order to strengthen the position of the boy as the sole heir to the throne of Pharaoh. After the death of his mother was captured and executed.

15. During the flood, the children Dzhabeda Ali knew exactly what they need to do: climb on, located in the courtyard on a bamboo macha, and hold it tighter. The population that lives on the island, located in the spill three most important rivers in Bangladesh are already accustomed to disasters of this kind.

16. Nothing will help to calm down and settle the frightened elephant, which was left without a mother, as a society of these same bishops. After the treatment he will begin the process of adaptation and socialization.

17. Baghdad. In the first open, 4-D cinema visitors from the film-fantasy spectacular Bole get more experience in the form of streams of air and shaking seats. Family during the war at home watching TV and DVD, because movie theaters have closed. Now theaters are now open.

18. Burma. Local residents sparked a lot of candles in homage to their ancestors during the celebration Thadingyuta - the festival of lights, which is carried out in October, it lasts three days. In this way, mark the end of Buddhist Lent in style.

19. Morning at Bear Pond and mountains Seint Regis, who hid fog.

20. Number of northern sea lions, with the time that in 1970 a law to protect them, has increased in numbers in the waters of British Columbia tripled. In summer, when they have during the breeding season, they account for, more than 30 thousand.

21. The palette of colors and woods Adirondack changes with onset of a particular time of year. Exquisite pattern on a sheet of green viburnum summer is slowly giving way to autumnal red color tint, all this takes place as the fading of chlorophyll, the pigment and the appearance of the lower layers.

22. Algeria. Clothing Tuareg walking at night on the plateau Tassilin-Addzhe, develops wind.

23. Monkey langurs living in crowded groups often share their duties minding their young cubs. They are born with thin dark hair, which with age into a gray-golden and firm.

24. Diver and fish near underwater cemetery - Neptune Memorial Reef, which is decorated with ornate columns and arches. Body 200 people were cremated and mixed with cement, after they made him a memorial sculpture, which established near Miami Beach on the ocean floor.

25. Dean Potter, who is above the waterfall in Yosemite Highline said: "I think I'm in outer space." Fog, fallen on the area and often breaking wind in the process of movement of the rope, which has a width of 1 inch and is spanned by vysote790 m doing a very difficult task, but nevertheless, the insurance provided.

26. Tuareg women in new clothes, smeared with indigo dye in his hands, celebrating the birth of a child. Tuareg women rarely cover their faces, and the men in front, wearing the traditional turban, leaving only open his eyes.

27. Birch, had found a photographer heading to Mount Gudnau, enveloped the roots rock that remained here after the passing of the glacier. Adirondacks - a national park in which rages a real wild life, it is also a true example of self-healing miracle of nature. The hope that the park will remain intact, thanks to the dedication of lawyers appeared, and the protection that is provided by the constitution of New York.

28. Cardiff, Wales. Welsh pig farmer walks around the exhibition, which took place in the National Museum of History. This kind of fever brought on purpose, to comfortable dressing, except that such a pig very well get along and get along with people.

29. Myanmar. The monk who walks the road of the ancient capital of Bagan. Local churches can be safely compared to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. In this area there were once 13 000 brick pagodas that were built in the 2nd century BC, the top cover of plaster or paint. After the earthquake, 10,000 of them were destroyed.

30. Adirondacks. The landscape in autumn colors. Sunlight on the slopes of two mountains of Wright and Algonquin. In total there are 40 mountains over 1300m in height. Once the area has suffered from deforestation for industrial purposes, it is now experiencing a rebirth.

31. Baghdad. A man feeds sea gulls at dawn on a bridge over the Tigris River, while river taxis are waiting for their first morning passengers.

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