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[kl-bogel] Bapa segala kapal terbang siap menerima tempahan.(41 photos)

Tour of the Airbus A-380

At Max was introduced the plane on which various tests are conducted, so that instead of inside the cabin were barrels of water, a lot of different equipment and wiring. Airbus A380 - wide-body double-deck passenger aircraft - the largest airliner in the world of the serial. Its capacity can reach up to 853 passengers in odnoklassovoy configuration, which means that it can easily transport all the students of the Moscow school, or usual residents of the village of High Rp. The aircraft can perform non-stop flights by up to 15 400 km - which means that you can from Moscow to Sydney now fly non-stop. To develop the A380 took about 10 years, the cost of the program - about 12 billion euros. Airbus argues that the reimbursement for the corporation to sell 420 aircraft.

(41 photos)

1. During each trip to this side of the test conducted.


3. The mass of the aircraft - 280 tons

4. The plane has four engines.

5. You also have the A380F cargo modification with the possibility of carrying loads up to 150 tons over a distance of up to 10 370 km.

6. Aircraft in passenger configuration is very quiet, thanks to the stunning noise reduction and new engines.

7. Pilots who were transferred from other types of aircraft the first time can not normally rest, as not used to such silence.


9. The noise level inside the A380 is 50% smaller than the Boeing 747 aircraft also supported within the higher air pressure (equal pressure at an altitude of 1,500 meters in 2500 against 747). Both of these factors presumably will help to reduce fatigue of passengers when traveling. The upper and lower decks are connected by two stairways, fore and aft of the aircraft, wide enough to fit them on two passengers, shoulder to shoulder. In the configuration with 555 passengers A380 has 33% more seats than the Boeing 747-400 in standard three-class configuration, but the salon has 50% more space and volume, resulting in one passenger has more room.



12. Among the big ships the most economical - 3 liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers (54 nautical miles) of the path








20. The aircraft is about 570 kilometers of wires. On the test board, probably every 3 more.


22. On board two staircases - one straight, the second screw.

23. On board there is a small elevator for lifting and lowering carriages (on the left door frame).


25. Maximum aircraft can accommodate 853 passengers, if it is done only economy class. Most companies prefer a three-or four-year arrangement. The average number of passengers in such airplanes 450-550.

26. The upper deck a little narrower than the bottom - it is located 8 seats in a row, instead of 10. It corresponds to the size of A330.

27. Barrels of water are to simulate the load of passengers.


29. Companies that focus on the VIP passengers who try to make some flair on board, to distinguish it from competitors. For example Emirates company in the rear of the fuselage on the top deck, sets showers. Solely for the maintenance of these cabins in the aircraft constantly flying two technicians. Korean Airlines to set up the second deck duty-free shop! Standard make the bars, with bartenders and racks, various seating areas.

30. Cockpit.

31. Instead of the wheel - dzhostik.





36. According to the developers, the hardest part in creating the aircraft was the problem of reducing its weight. It was solved by extensive use of composite materials as structural elements in the force, and in auxiliary units, interiors, etc. To reduce the weight of the aircraft were also used advanced technology and advanced aluminum alloys. Thus, the 11-ton center section is 40% of its weight consists of carbon fiber [3]. The top and side panels of the fuselage are made of hybrid material Glare. In the lower panels of the fuselage stringers used laser welding and cladding, which significantly reduced the number of fasteners.



39. With the advent of this aircraft on scheduled flights, passengers are always trying to buy tickets on him. By downloading statistics A380 is always higher than other boards on the same flights.


41. Today the A380 is also the biggest passenger airliner in the world, surpassing the capacity of "747", which can carry up to 525 passengers ("747" was the biggest airliner in 36 years, the absolute record of commercial use as yet then belongs to the An-225 "Mriya").

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