[kl-bogel] Bandar Kazan (32 photos)

We went to Kazan. As usual, the main goal of the city was - is climbing on the roofs. The city stopped for almost a week. All we had to do and where you may have visited to see inside the post!

(32 photos)

1. Our journey started in Kazan on the roof of the hotel zalazim "Grand Kazan ', where we instantly took off 10 minutes later.

2. Next we went to the cable-stayed bridge "Millennium."

3. He has as much as two pylons, and it looks like the letter from M.

4. Get out on the very top engineers have not provided on this had to withdraw from these hatches here.

5. And this is the hotel "Riviera", is just below the rooftop observation deck. You can get there quite formally, it is enough to say at the top of the protection that you can go here, any more questions do not arise.)

6. Martial Arts Palace and the Millennium.

7. Kazan Kremlin.

8. Very nice palace of farmers, and now we move on to its roof.

9. For the Ministry, on the roof and in the same building is very easy to get. Suffice to say at the checkpoint to any office, 306 for example. All outputs are open to the roof.



12. The very center of the city, within the city itself is very much ruined and abandoned buildings. Taken from the roof: the Physics Department at KSU.

13. Kul-Sharif Mosque and the Spassky Tower.

14. The bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral.

15. Here we are already at the top kolokolni, get to it was probably the most difficult.

16. Area Tukai.

17. Olya and dedmaxopka


19. We also slaziil on the mast of the Central Stadium. Hence, a good view of the center.

20. Lenin's dam.

21. On the mast is possible to climb on like this footboards ;)

22. Soyembike tower and the Kul-Sharif.

23. The pedestrian street. Bauman.

24. Vent-barrel of the Kazan Metro.

25. Kazan Metro in all senses considered the safest in the entire CIS.

26. But despite the fact that it is the safest, get us into it was like night and day.

27. Due to long intervals between trains (10 minutes), we easily reached by Vadim single chamber congress of the Kazan Metro.

28. Kazan Metro - opened August 27, 2005 during the celebration of the Millennium of Kazan and was the first subway in Russia, built after the Soviet collapse.



31. Thus ended the Kazan.



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