[kl-bogel] Animals in pictures: August 29 - September 4, 2011

We offer you a selection of the most unusual, interesting and funny photos of animals from around the world last week.

Animals in pictures: 8-14 August 2011

(20 photos)

1. Hippo Jing Zhang regales watermelon after brushing the teeth at the zoo Jinan Zoo, Shandong Province, China.

2. Clouded leopard cub at Zoo Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. Its unusual position of animal photography became an instant sensation. The representative of the zoo says that two-month-old girl by the name of baby is not based on any glass, anything else more. Old girl and her sister were born at the zoo Tadzio June 14 a female leopard named Chai Lee. Only three of the zoo in America involved in breeding the endangered clouded leopard.

3. This photo is a Scottish wild cat has been made in the National Park Keyrngorms in Scotland. Photos of Wildlife Peter Cairns of Kingussie believes that this species is endangered. "Most people do not even know about these animals," he says. "It's hard to get people to survive and take care of something, the existence of what they do not even know."

4. Dog, Yeti four nurses piglets Karnaguee in Cuba.

5. Well camouflaged on a flower krupnoglav in City Park Roseburg, Oregon. In krupnoglava forepaws resemble in appearance and structure of the foot praying mantis, and yet he can hunt for prey, which is ten times its size.

6. Lynx, climbing to a height of 50 pounds on a cactus, stayed there for six hours to escape from mountain lion Sonoran Desert, Gold Canyon, Arizona, United States of America.

7. This dog is from Ningbo, eastern China, nurses, together with their pups and even two young ligra - a hybrid of a lion and a tigress.

8. Lion cub two hours old, next to the older cubs aged two weeks. Very often the lion's pride at a time not only to feed their young, and others. Photo by Paul Goldstein of Exodus Travels, for the past eleven years, goes on safari and none of the animals have not seen such "cooperation."

9. Yawning lion at the zoo «ZOOM» in Gelsenkirchen, western Germany.

10. Moose stuck out his tongue, zoo «ZOOM» in Gelsenkirchen, western Germany.

11. Panda named Fu Hu age of one year stuck his nose in a jar with a meal at the Zoo Schoenbrunn Zoo in Venne.

12. Grizzle bear-named Koda in the Park Frazier Park, Kern, California. Renowned photographer Jill Greenberg has created a collection of artistic photographs of bears.

13. Polar white owl in a zoo «ZOOM» in Gelsenkirchen, western Germany.

14. Lemurs have arranged a tea party in the park Drusillas Park in East Sussex. Green tea is obviously came to their taste.

15. Cub lvinohvostoy macaque age of one month is pressed to the mother at the zoo Tiergarten in Berlin.

16. Dog named Mo in the front seat of a car with his owner leave the supermarket in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Special glasses to protect eyes of a dog from the wind.

17. Cat and a rooster, Laoshan, Shandong Province, northern China. This cock is unique in that it does not and did not have feathers. According to the owner of a miracle bird Lao Yinya, bespery cock was among nearly 2,000 chicks hatched on his farm. "I started to notice what happened to him that something is not right, within 10 days after his birth. The remaining chickens were fluffy, but it is quite bald, "says Lao. Rooster was named Mao Xa (Feather). The bird not only without a tail, but very slowly gaining weight. Now cock barely up to the kilogram, while his peers weigh about 2-3 pounds. Lao is also the owner of the restaurant, and bespery cock became something of a local celebrity. "Nekotoyre customers come just to be photographed with him, and sometimes even offer to give me a Feather for good money. But I refuse, "says Lao Yin.

18. The zoo Yunnan Provincial Wild Animal Park in Kunming, capital of southwestern Yunnan province in China are trying to awaken the natural instincts of a natural captive-bred offspring of a lion and a tiger with a plastic model of a deer.

19. Diver drives off of a four-Nile crocodile with a pole, the Okavango River in Botswana. wildlife photographer Amos Nachum spent a week in Botswana in the immediate vicinity of the giant reptiles.

20. The two grappled Fighting fox nor a life and death, although their desperate struggle lasted only a few seconds, says photographer Willem de Kirk, who made this photo near Haarlem in the Netherlands.

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