[Mcm2Ada] When the trees were big (50 photos)

Street photographer, 1920.
Today, in this diary, photographs from the archives of RIA "News":

When the trees were big (50 photos)

01. "Songs do not sing. Vodka not to drink. To be quiet. " The fight in the courtyard of doss-house, 1895 | Photo: Maksim Dmitriev

02. In Russia - the first Russian revolution. Writer Maxim Gorky pokes a broom in the opera singer Fyodor Chaliapin, 1905.

03. Futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1920 | Photo: Abram Shterenberg

04. Waggoner watered the horse water, 1924

05. The lesson of physical culture of the Uzbek school, 1935 | Photo: Georgi Zelma

06. And fun, and scary. Stalin greeted the young pioneers, 1935 | Photo: Ivan Shagin

07. "We are there to stand still?" Parade of Athletes on the Red Square, 1936 | Photo: Ivan Shagin

08. Uzbek athletes parade? No, it's builders Grand Fergana Canal, 1939 | Photo: Max Alpert

09. Trams on Nevsky rose, people with smiles on their faces running to the shelter. One of the first bombing of Leningrad, June 24, 1941 | Photo: Gregory Devil

10. Slightly more than three months prior to the occupation of Kharkov the Germans. Service in a church in the city, 1941 | Photo: S. Friedland

11. The collective farmers are considering a German plane was shot down, 1944 | Photo: George Zelma

12. The end of the war. Victory Salute to the Red Square in Moscow May 9, 1945 | Photo: Boris Kudoyarov

13. Soccer players of the Moscow "Dynamo" in London, November 1945 | Photo: Ivan Shagin

14. Assembling cars ZIS-110 at the Moscow Automobile Plant, 1946 | Photo: Ivan Shagin

15. Marshal Semyon Budyonny in the parade November 7, 1947 on Red Square

16. Leningrad prospectus in the "Dinamo" stadium before a football match, 1949 | Photo: Ivan Shagin

17. Famous soccer goalkeeper Alex Khomich, 1950 | Photo: Michael Botashev

18. Stalin died - someone crying, someone is happy. The funeral of the leader on the Red Square, 1953 | Photo: Peter Chernov

19. Subject decades - the development of virgin lands. Tselinnik cook dinner at the field camp, 1955 | Photo: Isaac Tunkel

20. Unprecedented event - a week of French film in Moscow! Gerard Philippe, the famous tulip Fanfan, among Muscovites, 1955 | Photo: Jacob Berliner

21. A hunter with a wounded duck, 1956 | Photo: Nicholas Kozlowski

22. Torah reading in a Moscow synagogue, 1956 | Photo: Jacob Berliner

23. Another incredible event for Moscow in those years - Youth Festival 1957. In fact, a country closed to foreigners have come thousands of delegates of the festival from around the world. It was fun and unusual | Photo: Ivan Shagin

24. The archive is a photo RIAN signed simply: "The students in the classroom." However, if you look closely, the students do a written assignment in Hindi - in the late fifties we were friends with India strong, and apparently in some cases even started to teach children the language of the friendly state | Photo: Vladimir Minkevich

25. The boys call for a street phone, 1961 | Photo: Oleg Neelov

26. The incomparable Maya Plisetskaya. This was in 1963 | Photo: Alexander Tihany

27. Physics and poetry - the theme of the early 60's. The famous, iconic image of Vladimir Tarasevich "Duel", 1963.

28. Photo beautiful, but the date makes me doubt. I think this scene was removed for a couple of years earlier. Moscow schoolchildren, 1963 | Photo: Mikhail Ozersky

29. The harsh occupation of the Baltic weekdays. Vilnius Art School Students play soccer after school, 1964

30. Vilnius, 1965. Miniskirts, there appeared a couple of years earlier | Photo: Marius Baranauskas

31. Dmitri Shostakovich, 1965 | Photo: Mikhail Ozersky

32. Fantastic photo hunter from Kyrgyzstan, 1966 | Photo: Edward Wilczynski

33. "Prague Spring". Hard dialogue on the street in 1968. | Photo: Valery Shustov

34. Stepan Isahakyan trainer (right) on the Black Sea beach, 1967 | Photo: Yuri Somov

35. The word "beauty salon" will enter the lexicon of Soviet man a little later. And in 1969 a broken car on the road to fix their own | Photos: Alexei Shcherbakov

36. In the late 60's Lyudmila Turishcheva knew the whole country. At 16, she became the Olympic champion at the Olympic Games 1968 in Mexico City | Photo: Dmitry Donskoy

37. 70 - Soviet aircraft bloom | Photos: Alexei Polikashin

38. Military pilots at the airfield, 1970

39. Rocketry before the parade on Red Square on November 7, 1970.

40. Great doctor, Nikolai Amosov, 1973 | Photo: Max Alpert

41. General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, 1973 | Photo: Vladimir Malyshev

42. Mirror of the soul of Soviet man late 70's - Alla Pugacheva, 1979 | Photo: Andrew Naydenov

43. On a farm in the village losevodcheskoy Sumarokovo Kostroma Region, 1979 | Photo: Vyacheslav Bobkov

44. Friends, 1981 | Photo: Viktor Chistyakov

45. Grandmaster Mikhail Tal, 1982 | Photo: Dmitry Donskoy

46. Restoration work on Mamaev Hill, 1986 | Photo: Vitaly Arutyunov

47. Soldiers returned from Afghanistan, 1986 | Photo: Yuri Somov

48. An earthquake in Spitak, 1988 | Photo: Alexander Makarov

49. Moscow, August 22, 1991 | Photo: Alexey Fedoseev

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