[Mcm2Ada] Thailand, Bangkok, Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) and the Royal Palace, 2011 (53 photos)

Wat Phra Kaeo was built in 1782 by King Rama I in the palace within the Grand Palace on the island Ratanakosin. This temple can be named the main temple strany.Eto - royal temple built within the main royal palace, so that is a personal temple of the king. The building of the temple - the Treasury of Thai arts and store the most revered Buddha image in Thailand - the Emerald Buddha.
Entrance to the complex is 300 Baht + 200 Baht charge as a deposit in case of a lease of pants or skirts (entrance uncovered body parts is not allowed), then return the deposit.
The gate of the complex guarded by soldiers of the regular army.

Inside a lot of people, both tourists and local schoolchildren.

Excellent panorama opens from the entrance ...

Dressed as a pass toward the box office without an umbrella .. it was very difficult, so if you are thinking, water and an umbrella must have!

Temple complex consists of a large number of buildings, perfectly restored and making an impression.
Near the entrance are the guards here are ...

Huge tents and mortar hit their size ...

Picturesque place, felt a religious atmosphere .....

In the temple of all allowed, but without shoes and not take photos ... of course I managed as best he could ...

Emerald Buddha was carved from a large piece of green jade. The dimensions are the Emerald Buddha - 48.3 inches wide and 66 cm in height, including base. Buddha is depicted sitting in a pose when he bent his right leg resting on your left.

Going to church, I went to the Royal Palace ...

These are the guys guarding the royal apartments of ...

Itself residence is located behind the fence.

The palace was built close to the river, facing north. The palace has an area of ​​218,400 square meters. meters and is surrounded by walls. The length of these four walls - 1 900 meters. Besides the royal residence, within these walls - are government agencies, and as I wrote the Emerald Buddha Temple.
Struck the palace complex landscape design and colors ....

In conclusion, I want to say that the palace is the temple of the Emerald Buddha made a great impression and if you are considering the possibility of their visit, the uniquely advise!


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