[Mcm2Ada] Temple monkeys in the Land of Smiles (34 photos)

Friends, last post, I already started talking about the wonderful city of Lopburi and the caudate residents. Now I want to show the main attraction of this extraordinary place - the temple of the monkeys, populated by more privileged bunch of monkeys.
Before leaving for Chiang Mai, we are very eager to see the Khmer temple Wat Sam Yot, who for several years was chosen by a monkey. Remember banderlogov who caught Mowgli and carried him in his temple the jungle? So, the Khmer shrine in Lopburi are so similar in housing banderlogov that unconsciously expect to see a wise Kaa, creeping out from under a stone statue of Buddha.

But, fortunately, there are no snakes in the temple there. On the marvelous decorative relief of the temple can be seen only ancient watchmen - stone Nagas.

General view of the church:

The ancient caretaker:

The temple itself was created in the 12-13 centuries as a Hindu. Three towers stood for the Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The height of the middle tower, by the way, about fifteen meters. Following the restructuring of the 17th century by King Narai the instructions, the church acquired the traits inherent in the architecture of Thailand. True, the legacy of the Khmer hide still failed.

Now, in this temple is dominated by followers do not "Ramayana", and the new owners - a monkey.

When we went to the temple was a terrible midday heat, so many monkeys preferred to hide in the shadows.

Some actively expressed frustration that their pictures.

Some were surprised the tourists.

But basically, all the monkeys were engaged in ordinary commonplace things, not paying any attention to us.

Warriors Army of Hanuman protect his patron, and to this day.

In order to see the monkeys, they do not, but you have to climb into the cells. So think, who then chief?

Inside you can enter in order to safely feed the monkeys. In the street make it very risky. Despite the fact that the territory of the rangers go to stick distilled particularly brazen monkeys get a treat from the bag is not recommended. Otherwise, you immediately stick round on all sides.
We knew nothing about it. Therefore, we have befallen an amusing and instructive story. As you might guess, monkeys strongly susceptible to food. Especially young calves. We tested this claim on their own experience, walking through the temple possessions.
While the kids, as it turned out, served a red herring, arrogant and far-sighted male ran up behind me and snatched from the hands of a package with a bottle of mineral water.

I have no idea about his evil plans


I understand, brother, heat tortured. But then on further actions strategically IQ is not enough. Frenzy seen through the bottle, the boy was hoping to enjoy a life-giving moisture. However, he apparently skipped school physics. Because the law of gravity does not know. As a result, all the water dried watered soil, and macaques remained in razgryzennogo trough.

So my advice to you: the monkeys to be very careful. We were lucky - just hit the water. But I have heard many stories like monkeys pulled out cameras and glasses, pulls off the cap and baseball caps. In general, grabbing everything that is bad. True, they are still very cute and funny! Bunch of positive emotions guaranteed!

Life of temple monkeys differ from their everyday existence of urban counterparts: the constant feeding, the food and attention to ensure their constant and high satiety fattened Teles.

Therefore, the "urban" trying hard to get into the temple, and wormed his way among the inhabitants. And do not trivial way. This, for instance, decided pereporhnut temple on the high wire fence.

And this by clicking the fence:

Thailand is certainly an extraordinary country. And just in Lopburi can fulfill the dream of many children 90 years: to get to the Planet of the Apes.
In addition to the monkeys in the city there are some more interesting attractions that are worth paying attention. On them I will next time.

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