Saturday, August 20, 2011

[Mcm2Ada] Spy Photos manufacturing displays for the iPhone 5 (2 photos)

Шпионское фото производства дисплеев для iPhone 5 (2 фото)

The network's hit spy photos taken, as reported in the workshop production of displays for Apple iPhone Smartphone 5. Pictures placed Chinese resource Sina Weibo. In the photo you can see how workers in white "space suits" carefully checked and packed in a box panel, apparently, to send to the factory assembly of devices. Also not clear whether this is the front panel for the iPhone 5, although they resemble them, rather, a pre-known description. Judging by the fact that you can see in the pictures, the screen is wide and the sides remained only a narrow strip. Framing the screen black bar reminiscent of the corresponding components of the iPhone 4, but they also have some differences. Thus, they are a little more, in addition, you will notice that the hole under the hardware button below the display more than usual. It is assumed that the iPhone 5 it would be something like an optical trackpad gesture-enabled. Personally, I do it more like a display Google Phone Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100, but as you?

Шпионское фото производства дисплеев для iPhone 5 (2 фото)

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