[Mcm2Ada] Rate Week 7 prettiest Chinese women suicide bombers (14 photos)

The Chinese Internet has made public a list of the 50 prettiest female compatriots who have been sentenced to death. The girls were executed mainly on charges of murder, theft and drug trafficking.

Every year in China from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand people annually complete way of life on the basis of judicial executions. The death of a little shocking to the Chinese, and thence some bloggers have even created some sort of rating of the most beautiful and already executed Chinese women. Interpreter blog goes on to tell about the customs prevailing in the great southern neighbor, Russia, and publishes photographs of some of the participants rating.

In the photo above - He Yuqiong, sentenced to death for trafficking in women, which her cronies were sold to brothels and factories.

Lai Xiangjian - shot in 1992 for the murder of her husband, who had an affair on the side. It is before his execution:

But this 23-year-old girl named Liu Yiping, had worked at the airport ticket Gaunchzhou, shot for stealing 550,000 yuan. She admitted her guilt and remorse, but from a bullet of socialist justice it is not saved (because it had stolen public money):

Contrary to the opinion of the Russian patriots firmly convinced that the country would save only the mass shootings, embezzlement and theft in China, a lush flower bouquet so far.

22-year-Dong Ying had been hanged for taking part in the murder of a young woman, she and her friends robbed as the sum of 61,000 yuan:

Another victim of jealousy - Liu Yu. 22-year-old girl to kill her boyfriend (pre-feeding of sleeping pills), for whom going to marry. Was hanged:

20-year-old Tao Jing began in 1991, became the youngest person executed in China since 1950. The girl at the request of his friend decided to drive him to drugs, got the police, was shot:

It is during the trial:

The last meal before his execution:

And after the shooting:

21-year-old Feng Cuiqiong of Yunnan also caught drug trafficking:

And was sentenced to death:

Blog Interpreter published a short version of Chinese bloggers. The full back is the prettiest and 50, according to residents of the Middle Kingdom, the ladies who have been sentenced to death.

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