[Mcm2Ada] Photo Album legends: the rules of life Amy Winehouse

Best quote, illustrated with rare photographs of one of the world's most eccentric singer, who had become a legend for his 27 years, and tragically died July 23, 2011.

I - not an easy man. If only because I, for the most part, all the shit.

I do not need someone's help. Because, if I can not help myself myself, no one can help me.

Most people my age spend a lot of time thinking about what they will do in the next five or ten years.

So: the time they spend in these reflections, I like to go for a drink.

At one point I was too bogged down in alcohol. After all, with booze, everything looks better.
Like, watching television - a glass of wine, cook dinner - a glass of champagne.

I only write about things that happened to me. About things that I can not just drown in the past.
Thank God, I am inclined to self-destruction, so that the themes of the songs I always can find.
I'm not religious. While I know that faith gives people strength. But I believe in fate and believe that everything happens for a reason, but for some reason. However, a higher power for this is not mandatory.
Make music - it's like to go to a dinner party: you have to work gradually and not go for everything.
I'm not one who tries to grab their fifteen minutes of fame. I'm just a musician, and I'm trying to be honest.
I agree with the fact that talented. But - and this is for sure - I was born not to sing.
I was born to be a wife and mother. And keep an eye on his family.
I do not condemn casual sex. I realize there is nothing good that I approve of adultery. But I think it's like to smoke marijuana - nothing serious.
It makes no sense to say something but the truth.
Sex - it's just sex. But no need to fend for themselves for someone too close.
The first time I kissed a 11 or 12. It was a boy named Chris - Greek origin - and now he's gay.
If I'm too much makeup, it's over because I'm just going to look like someone's aunt. And I want to be myself!
I'm actually not a fighter. But if I am pressed to the wall, I breached any head.
I think the ability to fight does not depend on how big you are. It depends on how many of you concentrated fury.
Around a lot of evil people, and all because they have no friends.
Communicating with people - my mother, grandmother, dog - is the best thing going on with you in this life. Less shoes and bags, of course.
Tattoos can never have too many.
Women talk to each other as well as men with men. But women always pay attention to detail.
I never was an excellent student, but it is not necessary when you raise a glass of the penalty area.

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