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The majestic expanse of the Gobi Desert covers about one third of the territory of Mongolia and northern China. Its land - mostly stony soil, but the beauty of the endless desert plains are able to compete with sea views and views of the green of the Siberian taiga.

In travelers who find themselves in the Gobi Desert, these sun-scorched land, which seems to be no end, a sense of incredible freedom and peace. Maybe that makes it and who visited here to go back here again ...

gobi desert, mongolia

To conquer the Gobi desert, you can use the services of travel agencies or on their own.

In the latter case, you have to find four-wheel drive car, and it is better if you immediately with the driver, because the focus on local roads, which often are rolled on the rocky soil or sand tracks, in the absence of signs and language skills will be very difficult.

Mongolian Altai mountains

When planning accommodations during the trip, you can always rely on tourist campsites, which is practically next to each attraction in the desert. Traditional Mongolian dwelling - the yurt, which make up the camping base, equipped very simply, but with everything necessary for comfortable rest and sleep.


No matter which route you choose yourself, the Gobi will surprise you with a variety of landscapes. The Mongols say that the Gobi 33 persons. That's right, landscapes on your way will be changed remarkably: the deserted stony plains, sand dunes, rocky mountains, and the huge clay gamady Basin oases.

Mongolian mountain offroading

Dune driving, Gobi

The most interesting part of the Gobi desert is its south.

In the South Gobi is back Gurvan-Saikhan-Nur (translated from Mongolian - "Three beautiful"), three snow-capped mountain peaks that look from afar and majestically charming.

In the north-eastern part of the mountains is appearing in a huge earthquake fissure Elym Am. In winter it forms a thick glacier. In the rainy season in the bottom of the canyon walls and streamed heavy streams of rainwater.

Another attraction of the desert - the legendary "dinosaur graveyard" located around "burning rocks" Bayantsag. In the rays of the setting sun the rocks explode like a giant bonfire, which gives even more mystical surroundings, which were once found fully preserved skeletons of dinosaurs.

Gilbert goes exploring

Even in these parts you can listen to "singing sands" - sand dunes Hongoryn Else naelektrizovyvayas, emit a peculiar sound that is heard for miles around.
dune face

Together, these attractions and many more interesting things you can see if the design route from Ulaanbaatar to the city Dalanzadgad. Go?

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