[Mcm2Ada] News in pictures (69 photos + text)

«EdgeWalk» - the most exciting attraction at the Tower CN Tower in Toronto for its entire 35-year history and the first of its kind in North America. This is the highest in the world is round walking area width of 1.5 meters to the main building of the tower. Visitors can stroll through its group of six men, attached to a special insurance railing. Trained guides «EdgeWalk» adrenaline seekers cheer and enjoy the opening bend at the bottom of the breathtaking views of Toronto. (AFP / Getty Images)

News in pictures (69 photos + text)

photo011 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

1. World Trade Center 1 with two cranes on the roof rises over Manhattan in New York. Now in a skyscraper 76 floors, and all will be 104. (Mark Lennihan / Associated Press)

photo021 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

2. A Muslim prays in his house on the third day of Ramadan in Kathmandu. Muslims around the world abstain from food, drink and sexual relations from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan - the holy month of Islamic calendar. (Reuters)

photo031 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

3. Contestants Miss Korea in 2011 performed a musical number with umbrellas in the Cultural Center in Seoul. (Ahn Young-joon / Associated Press)

photo041 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

4. Vilnius Mayor Arturas, 43, decided to Zuokas such an unusual way to deal with illegal parking in the city center. The Mayor decided such an unusual way to give a sign to all those who used to park their cars in the wrong places. (Associated Press)

photo051 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

5. New Zealand Film Archive has published what is considered a lost film of a film made in 1923 by renowned British film director Alfred Hitchcock. (New Zealand Film Archive / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

photo061 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

6. Migrant worker lights a cigarette during a break in a landfill in Taizhou, China. (Reuters)

photo071 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

7. A couple of kisses for beach houses in Whitstable, England. (Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images)

photo081 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

8. A boy jumps into the pool with a springboard into Hanover. (Julian Stratenschulte / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

photo091 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

9. A man fishing in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, while Tropical Storm Emily approaches the coast of Haiti. (Orlando Barria / Euroepan Pressphoto Agency)

photo101 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

10. A group of American sailors trying to catch a ball in training baseball stadium «Safeco Field» in Seattle before the match between the teams «Seattle Mariners» and «Oakland Athletics». (Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images)

photo111 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

11. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak flew out of the hospital to appear in court in Cairo. Mr Mubarak put in a traditional iron cage right on the hospital bed. (Themba Lewis / Zuma Press)

photo121 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

12. Indian worker in a factory in Hyderabad dries seviyyan - thin noodles, which are used for the preparation of traditional dishes of sweet shirkhorma during Ramadan. (NOAH SEELAM / AFP / Getty Images)

photo131 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

13. Pope Benedict XVI waves to pilgrims gathered at the square of the town of Castel Gandolfo, where he lives during the summer, some 40 km south-east of Rome, at the end of the weekly general audience. (VINCENZO PINTO / AFP / Getty Images)

photo141 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

14. Workers removed the flowers and candles left at the Cathedral in Oslo in memory of victims of terrorist attacks on July 22. Andreas Bering Breyving terrorist demands to be looked at Japanese psychiatrist. (Haakon Mosvold Larsen / AFP / Getty Images)

photo151 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

15. A girl walks her Chinese crested dog in the center of Minsk. (VIKTOR DRACHEV / AFP / Getty Images)

photo161 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

16. Traders selling food to Muslims for the breaking of the third day of Ramadan in Jakarta. (ADEK BERRY / AFP / Getty Images)

photo171 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

17. The man with the rugs for sale, used primarily for prayer in the streets of Rawalpindi. (REUTERS / Faisal Mahmood)

photo181 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

18. The girl in the fountain in London. (REUTERS / Suzanne Plunkett)

photo19 Фотоподборка дня: 4 августа

19. Caretaker ferris wheel rests in Ahmedabad, while visitors to ride. (REUTERS / Amit Dave)

day01 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

20. Wall rospisv memory of the victims of Sept. 11 on the building of the New York Fire Department «FDNY Engine Company 205 and Hook & Ladder Company 118" in Brooklyn. (SHANNON STAPLETON / REUTERS)

day02 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

21. An unusual billboard on the corner of Grand and West Broadway is the scale of the mood that is connected to Twitter, which measures the number of happy and sad "smiley" on the site, because the ratio of which changes the face on the billboard. (Andrew Burton / Getty Images)

day03 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

22. A young man in his underwear and a tie with the sign "Take suit" on the street in Washington during a promotion company «Men's Wearhouse» to help people with problems of employment. (NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP / Getty Images)

day05 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

24. The car on the road at dawn Chapmans Peak, which is part of the National Park Table Mountain in Cape Town. Located in south-western Africa, National Park Table Mountain is part of a World Heritage Site of Cape Town. (NIC BOTHMA / EPA)

day06 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

25. Cuban prima ballerina Alicia Alonso (center) with dancers of the National Cuban Ballet and leading dancer Svetlana Zakharova, Russia (front left) at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. (AP Photo / Alexander Zemlianichenko)

day07 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

26. Villagers Rava Buyya, Jakarta, Indonesia, on the tracks waiting for a train for electrotherapy. People on the outskirts of the capital believe that such an "electric treatments" to help cure various diseases. (AP Photo / Achmad Ibrahim)

day08 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

27. African elephant zoo in Indianapolis, who was born on July 20. (AP Photo / The Indianapolis Star, Olivia Corya)

day09 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

28. Workers prepare the dressing room for a huge symbol of the Texas Fair Big Tex in Dallas. This new symbol was chosen attire people on the internet, via Facebook. (AP Photo / Star-Telegram, Joyce Marshall)

day10 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

29. Flooded area of ​​Quezon City north of Manila, Philippines. A powerful typhoon is moving from the north, already causing the death of four people, even though he did not cause landslides. (AP Photo / Pat Roque)

day11 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

30. The student reads the Koran in front of morning prayers during the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic school Al-Mukminov in Solo, Indonesia. (Beawiharta / Reuters)

day12 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

31. Father and daughter from Somalia in line to register in a refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya. (Tony Karumba / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

day13 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

13. Pint of beer at the beer festival in London. (Luke MacGregor / Reuters)

day14 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

32. The boat sails past the sculptures of German artist Oliver Voss on the river Alster in Hamburg. This sculpture of steel and foam will decorate the city's river for 10 days. (Axel Heimken / DAPD via Associated Press)

day15 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

33. Vacationers in the bay viking Broadsteyrs in England. (Peter MacDiarmid / Getty Images)

day16 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

34. A man looks at sculpture Sean Henry's "Walking Woman" (2008), which now faces the west entrance to Salisbury Cathedral in Salisbury, UK. This exhibition has gathered near the Cathedral of the largest group of polychrome sculptures, and it will be on display until the end of October. (Photo by Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

day17 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

35. Ian Borgeson from the U.S. in the air during a section of free speech in the Snow Park in Wanaka, New Zealand. At the moment, Borgeson is the third in the Junior Tour, held in the United States. (Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

day18 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

36. The boy does a somersault on the background of storm clouds on the beach in Marina southern Italian city of Chennai. (REUTERS / Babu)

day19 Фотоподборка дня: 3 августа

37. Work lays on the grass cloth to dry in Solo, central province of Java, Indonesia. The next month will be held in Jakarta, the World Summit of batik. (REUTERS / Beawiharta)

photo01 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

38. Two athletes warm up before the fight during the «Hundstoa-Ranggeln» - an annual competition for the natural rock scene in Hundshteyne, Austria. This is a competition - one of the oldest in the region of the Alps, its roots in 14th century. (BARBARA GINDL / EPA)

photo02 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

39. Work corrects a huge figure, "Mermaids" at the city lake Alster in Hamburg. The sculpture was created by an advertising agency and art «Oliver Voss». (MARCUS BRANDT / AFP / Getty Images)

photo03 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

40. Newly arrived refugee with the voucher to buy food in line at the center of food distribution at Dadaab, Kenya. With the proliferation of humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa, famine in southern Somalia is becoming worse. (THOMAS MUKOYA / Reuters)

photo04 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

41. The boys lie on the back of a huge sofa in the London area of ​​South Bank. The temperature in London rose to 26 degrees, and to promise to raise the medium to 30 degrees. (Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

photo05 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

42. 17-year-old Ali Ahmed is cooled in a bath in Baghdad. The Iraqi government announced Monday an official day off because of the unusual heat. (Khalid Mohammed / Associated Press)

photo06 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

43. Ballet Dancer "Carmen Cantero" against the background of Spanish Royal Palace during the presentation of the show "Goya en la Villa y Corte" in Madrid. (EMILIO NARANJA / EPA)

photo07 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

44. Girls in the air-filled sculpture by British artist Alan Parkinson at the heart of Lisbon. (AP Photo / Armando Franca)

photo08 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

45. Cicada is chosen from its old shell, attached to the brick house in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA. There are over 1,500 species of cicadas, but one of the most famous - periodical cicada emerging from the earth every 17 years. (AP / Photo / Times Record, Kaia Larsen)

photo09 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

46. The shadow of the girl on the cover with colored lights in the corridor connecting the two shopping centers in Beijing. (AP Photo / Andy Wong)

photo10 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

47. Two boys running in the fashionable end of the shopping center in Dubai, UAE. (AP Photo / Kamran Jebreili)

photo11 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

48. Jellyfish in an aquarium at the International Airport Sunshine in Tokyo. Aquarium will open again August 4 after a year of reconstruction. (Yoshikazu Tsuno / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

photo12 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

49. A man dressed as Charlie Chaplin on Westminster Bridge in London. (Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

photo13 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

50. Junior jeweler is finalizing a bracelet in the shop in Calcutta. (Rupak De Chowdhuri / Reuters)

photo14 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

51. People are sleeping on the sidewalk next to the railway expensive at the wholesale vegetable market in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Andrew Biraj / Reuters)

photo15 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

52. Passengers in a subway station in Lisbon. Against the background of the continuing economic crisis in the country increased pay for the ride. (Rafael Marchante / Reuters)

photo16 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

53. Sea Lion in the aquarium at a press conference in Tokyo. Updated aquarium opens on August 4. (AP Photo / Shizuo Kambayashi)

photo17 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

54. Refugee girl, victim of floods last year, with a little jug on her head at the tent where she lives with her parents in a camp in Nowshera, Pakistan. As a result of floods in Pakistan in 2010 affected 20 million people, and about two thousand were killed. (REUTERS / Fayaz Aziz)

photo18 Фотоподборка дня: 2 августа

55. A girl playing with a shadow in the "Lyuminariume" - British designer Alan installation of Parkinson's in Lisbon. "Lyuminarium" - a sculpture, in which people can experience the "feeling wonderful and beautiful light and color." (REUTERS / Rafael Marchante)

112 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

56. Romanian bride dance at the Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest. This arch - a copy of the famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris - a meeting place for newlyweds after midnight on the night of the wedding ritual for the bride theft. This ritual marks the ancient origin of the wedding guests who steal the bride from the celebration, and then demand ransom, usually in the form of cash or alcohol. (AP Photo / Vadim Ghirda)

212 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

57. Brides come to the Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest. (AP Photo / Vadim Ghirda)

310 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

58. Balloons over Chambly-Byusser in eastern France at the International Balloon Festival. (AP Photo / Mathieu Cugnot)

42 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

59. Young Afghans and 27-year-old Cpl Fernando Cabrera during a patrol in the village in the district Shabazz Kheyl Kayaks, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. (AP Photo / David Goldman)

52 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

60. Performers at the closing ceremony of the 14th FIFA World Water Sports in Shanghai. (AP Photo / Ng Han Guan)

62 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

61. Authorities inspect the crash site a copy of the aircraft «Wright» near Springfield, Ohio. Highway Patrol Ohio State Highway received a call from a witness who saw the plane flying very low, not picking up speed. The accident killed two adults. (AP Photo / The Springfield News-Sun, Marshall Gorby)

72 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

62. Residents of Bahrain look to the sky over the Persian Gulf in the western village of Karzakan, hoping to see some of the new moon, symbolizing the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. In Bahrain, a month of fasting, prayer and charity offerings begin on Monday. (AP Photo / Hasan Jamali)

82 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

63. Kent Farrington of the United States on the path to victory in the Gold Cup King George V's horse at the racetrack truncating «All England Jumping Course» in Hickstead. (AP Photo / Steve Parsons / PA)

92 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

64. Renata Medguesovoy silhouette of Slovakia in the sky during a competition in long jump in Budapest. (AP Photo / MTI, Peter Kollanyi)

102 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

65. Dancers at the National Folk Festival and the Native American beauty pageant in Cobán, Guatemala. (AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd)

113 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

11. Pakistani trader in anticipation of its customers in the tray with curtains in Quetta. (AP Photo)

122 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

66. The boy from Somalia hiding from the rain in a refugee camp in Mogadishu. Tens of thousands of victims of starvation of Somali refugees were wet and cold after the long rains. (AP Photo / Farah Abdi Warsameh)

132 Фотоподборка дня: 1 августа

67. Nepali worker with empty bottles of "Coca-Cola" in the temple Svayyambhunath, UNESCO World Heritage site, over Kathmandu. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)

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