[Mcm2Ada] Masjid Azizia di Batumi GEORGIA.

Batumi mosque for almost 200 years.
As elsewhere in Georgia.
Nearby is the Orthodox church.
At a distance - a synagogue.
There is a Catholic church.
In the month of Ramadan at a mosque was nemnogolyudnom.
Most old people ...

Georgian feature mosque.
Bunches of grapes on the door ...

Photo: Oleg Panfilov
More photos here .

Ottoman mosque in Batumi, called Orta Cami in Turkish. The mosque was built in 1864 Ottoman Turkish era. This is the inner door of the mosque and the mosque is located in old part of the Batumi city...

The doors are open to the past maybe to the future...

Mullahs in front of mosque. Azizia, Batum (Batumi), (Black Sea coast and capital of Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia.)
Georgia. 1905-1915. Photograph: Prokudin Gorskii

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